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geography coursework urban - To what extent does Wolverhampton fit the Burgess Model?

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Geography GCSE coursework. To what extent does Wolverhampton fit the Burgess Model? Questionnaires The most common length of time a person had been staying in the area was 6-10 years. I think the differences between Chapel Ash, Merryhill and Tettenhall is to do with the housing prices and the facilities in that area like local shops and businesses. The results from the questionnaire showed people were most likely to move into the area for work and social reasons. The people that moved for work would be either skilled workers or just people looking for jobs. The sphere of influence however for people moving into the area is country wide this means people come from all over the UK most people we asked moved from Birmingham or moved from another part of Wolverhampton. The House age vary the oldest houses were in Chapel Ash where they were built in the 1900's merry hill were mostly 1930's and finally Tettenhall 1950's. Looking at the Burgess model the inner city which is Chapel Ash has the oldest houses but gradually moving out they get newer this shows Chapel Ash was built first and as the population increased they started building more houses around Chapel Ash like Tettenhall then finally the newest houses are on the outer suburbs with the newest houses so as the population increases then they continue to build outwards. Tettenhall doesn't completely fit the trend however this maybe because the area was sparse and has spread out housing and so it has a variety of different aged houses. The Facilities in the area the locals voted pretty low at an average of 3 Tettenhall has the best reviews with an average of 8 Chapel Ash however has the least facilities at an average of 1 this may be because Chapel Ash is in the centre and there is not much space for building. ...read more.


Most of these people live in newer housing and the commuters will use services in the Centre of the city or in out of town shopping centres. The evidence from the data collection to prove this theory are some questions from the questionnaire we asked the people of Tettenhall ' where do you do your main shopping' and ' where do you work' this proves this theory because most of them said outside Tettenhall. This supports the following hypothesis what does quality of life mean and how does the quality of life vary between the inner city, inner suburban and outer suburban area? Services The shops change heading out they are a lot better quality in the inner city the businesses are of a higher class. They have main shopping centres all over the place but the inner city has a lot of middle class and poorer people so they high street shops would be in the centre. On the outer suburbs however the people seem more of a higher class and the shops seem to be a lot more expensive and there are a lot less. There are a range of takeaways in Chapel Ash but not in Tettenhall I think this is because some people in Chapel ash work late and outside of Chapel Ash and so It takes them a while to get back and so it is easier just to pick up a takeaway on the way home. We asked the people doing the questionnaires if they wanted any more services or changes in the area. In Chapel Ash we had people asking for More facilities for Children and maybe a mother and baby club and also more schools and places of learning. The people of Tettenhall wanted more schools and finally Merryhill wanted places to stop gangs and to make the people feel safer in their own homes they would also like to see more police. ...read more.


Improvement - Write down the different transport when I took the traffic count. How might the improvement change the results? - This wouldn't change the result but it would give more information on the type of transport is used in different parts of the city. There is also the type of cars this could show the type of people going in and out of the city to see what class they are in. Why might these changes happen? - These changes might happen because the more information the more reliable the results will be. Improvement - Show the different times of litter found and explain how much of each there was and see when the bin is collected and where the litter seems to be. How might these improvements change the result? - These improvements wouldn't change if it fits the burgess model but we would be able to see if the council has daily/ weekly bin collections and see if they are environmentally friendly and they have a clean city. For the different types of litter we would be able to see what could be done about keeping it clean and what is causing it like crisp packets could be down to corner shops. Why might these changes happen - these changes might happen because the burgess model shows the inner city is a lot dirtier and a lot more polluted and less environmentally friendly than the outer suburbs. If we looked at different places we could see there was just as much rubbish in the outer suburbs than the inner city. Improvement - Take more pictures to add in my coursework. How might this change the result? - to look at the actual housing from a primary source could change what you think about the data I have collected like pictures of a certain area you could see if it is clean or not or pictures of a house you could see if it better quality. Why might these changes happen - these changes might happen because this would be a primary source. Tettenhall - ...read more.

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