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Geography Investigation

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For my geography coursework, my study site for my investigation was in Swanage. Swanage is a small town in the south east of Dorset, which is also located in the south-west of England. Dorset is surrounded by Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire. It is situated at the eastern end of the Isle of Purbeck, which is located in Dorset. Swanage is approximately 10 km south of Poole and 40 km east of Dorchester. We can see this information on the page before this which shows a map of this information. The town has a population of 10,124. This paragraph explains the physical geography of Swanage. It is near Ballard Down, Old Harry Rocks and Studland Bay to the north and Durlston Country Park to the south.Swanage is usually known as a seaside resort. There is a sandy beach, on Swanage Bay, along the edge of the town. The beach was improved by the construction of new timber groynes and the placement of sand. There is a lot of coastal formation that have occurred in the past in the coastal area of Swanage. ...read more.


The theory shows that there are lots of high-order shops in the PLVI. My hypothesis is that pedestrian counts will decrease with increasing distance from the peak land value intersection. If there are lots of high-order shops, there will be more people because they would not put a shop there if there were no people. For them ton get the money, they need lots of people but because these high-order shops have a lot of money, there must be a lot of people that are there to shop at those shops. Therefore, the theory also shows that there are higher pedestrians around high-order shops, so my hypothesis should agree strongly to the theory. As for the low-order shops, they will still be looking to get higher in profit, so they will be looking to get closer to the PLVI where more pedestrians would be. As for the traffic count, it depends on the pedestrian count because if there are more pedestrians, then there would be more cars/traffic count. The traffic count hypothesis (the second hypothesis) also agrees with the theory because more cars will be travelling to get to the shops that the pedestrians want to get to. ...read more.


I have made two hypotheses for this objective. The first objective is that housing quality will increase as the distance from the CBD (Central Business District) increases. The second hypothesis is that some houses just beyond the CBD will be of a higher quality than expected. This paragraph explains the justification for the hypothesis. For the first hypothesis, as you are more further away from the CBD, the land-prices will decrease and the sizes of the house will increase and they will become newer, and the houses are more likely to be owner occupied and maintained. For the second hypothesis, there will be evidence of enhanced housing because of renovation (gentrification of old properties) and new build houses (high quality). Second homeowners or people who have retired to the area will occupy some of these high quality houses. My hypothesis says that housing quality will increase as the distance from the CBD (Central Business District) increases and some houses just beyond the CBD will be of a higher quality than expected. The CBD is mainly used for the shops and commercial businesses, so houses will therefore need to be built outside the CBD, and so the further away you are from the CBD, the better the housing quality. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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