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Global Warming

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Global Warming In about 1800, French scientist Jean Baptiste-Joseph Fourier proposed the theory that the gases of the atmosphere were involved in trapping the Sun's heat, like a hothouse or greenhouse. Sixty years later, John Tyndall, a British scientist, experimentally proved that heat was absorbed by carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O). Since CO2 and H2O are known to absorb heat, it is quite certain they have something to do with global warming. In addition to CO2 and H2O, methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), ozone (O3), and chlorofluorocarbons are "greenhouse gases," while nitrogen and oxygen are not. This ability to trap heat is a result of their molecular structure and shape. ...read more.


SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF GLOBAL WARMING It is difficult to determine at this point how our society will be affected by the incidence of global warming. All information at this point is speculative however and should be regarded as such. While there will definitely be social effects to global warming, there will be some areas that are winners and some that are losers. In some areas, conditions will probably improve while in other regions, the results will be negative. Overall however, global warming will be detrimental to humanity. Although agriculture in general will improve due to longer growing seasons in certain areas, the benefit does not outweigh possible disasters such as the projected sea level rise that will cause flooding in coastal areas and threaten drinking supplies. ...read more.


Average global temperature readings were never taken until the late 1970's since that time, satellites have been able to record any fluctuations in the temperature. Since the 1970's, scientists have detected some short-term fluctuations, but no significant warming trend. Is global warming bad? Some scientists would have to say no. Many scientists in the agricultural research field support the theory that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, along with a small climate increase, would in fact help plant life. Carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis, the process by which plants grow. Scientific studies have actually proven that in some plants, increased levels of carbon dioxide have resulted in increased plant yield. Although in England global warming would result in the melting of the ice caps and the change in the continential drift, and the subsequent cooling of the country. ...read more.

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