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Hypothesis- as the distance from the seafront increases the quality of tourist resources and hotels decreases.

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Hypothesis- as the distance from the seafront increases the quality of tourist resources and hotels decreases. Method We went on a trip to Lytham Saint Anne's, where we walked around gathering our information on a map. We marked where each hotel, shop, tourist attraction and bed and breakfast was. We completed a separate sheet on which we marked down the street and shop appearance and variety. We also performed a pedestrian count at certain times of the day. These sheets will be found on the next page. Prediction I think we will probably find that the further we get from the sea front the less attractive the hotels and tourist attractions will become. The streets will probably not be as well maintained and shops will tend to sell cheaper products and souvenirs. I think this because of previous work done on this subject in class. I have learned that many tourists prefer to stay in hotels, which are close to the sea. They do not like having to walk as far, they enjoy having accommodation with pleasant views and so will pay more to stay in the hotels on the coastline. ...read more.


Further, away from the coast little money has been spent on improvements to hotel facilities, resulting in hotels, which are small, in need of repair and dirty-looking. Conclusion My findings on the map show that there a lot of hotels and tourist attractions near the coast but the further away from the coast the symbols stating the amount of hotels and tourist attractions gradually decrease. In addition, from the chart, which shows the quality of shops and street appearance on, it shows that the street cleanliness and appearance along with shops and quality of goods and souvenirs sold decrease. The window displays in shops near the coast were set out with imagination and flair, whereas the shops further away had put less effort into displaying their goods and many had simply piled things on a shelf. Shops near the coast sold good quality souvenirs and artwork whilst the ones further away sold cheaper, mass produced articles, many of these were foreign produced artefacts rather than handcrafted locally, as in the shops near the coast. I have learnt from my results that the further away you go from the coast the facilities in hotels grow poorer and tourist attractions decrease. ...read more.


The further away from the recreational and business district you go the lower the value of land becomes and at the urban-rural fringe are often found areas of open space, this is often used up with something like a zoo or a golf course. Evaluation and Limitations My results are accurate; I can clearly see that the further away from the coast you go the quality of the hotels and tourist attractions decreases. If I were to perform this project again I would make a few changes to improve it. I would make more detailed notes of the physical appearance of buildings. I could include a rating scale of attributes, for example cleanliness - 1 being very dirty and 5 being very clean. Further Study To prove my hypothesis I have researched some information on another seaside resort - Blackpool. Blackpool's Recreational Business District includes piers, shops and the main tourist attraction - Blackpool Tower, along with the pleasure beach and funfair. Behind this area is the Central Business District, which has the main shops and banks for both tourists and local residents. Most of the shops catering for tourists are at the sea front. The transport terminals are located nearby for easy access. 1 ...read more.

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