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Investigate how the limited access to clean water and effective sanitation affect the quality of life of people in your chosen country.

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Water * Safe access to clean water and sanitation. Sanitation: the state of being clean and conducive to health. Effective ways of removing waste without making contact with humans e.g. flushing toilets, washing hands and basic hygiene etc. Making something sanitary (free of germs) as by sterilizing. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&biw=1276&bih=823&defl=en&q=define:sanitation&sa=X&ei=PusiTc_DPJGYhQeG9_G3Dg&ved=0CB8QkAE (4th January 2011) 9:56am Quality of life: The term quality of life is used to evaluate the general well-being of individuals and societies. The term is used in a wide range of contexts, including the fields of international development, healthcare, and political science, A measure of peoples well being. Social measure e.g. access to clean water, shelter, education, safety etc. http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&biw=1276&bih=823&q=define%3Aquality+of+life&meta= (4th January 2011) 9:51am Access to clean Water: Access to clean water is at least 20 litres of water per person from a source, within 1 KM from the user's home. ...read more.


affect the quality of life of people in India * Describe how the quality of life in your country has been affected economically. * If people have severe diseases, they will not be able to work; this will affect their total income from their jobs (if they have one). * India's capital city has a population of more than 12.55 million. With the population growing more and more every year, less people will be getting jobs, this means less people will earning money to buy normal household stuff like; water and food. More people will end up on the streets, or will be living in the slums. Also by the population increasing by the year, people will be having less sanitation than they normally have. ...read more.


* In the urban slums without access to clean water women would have to walk long distances, or use dirty water from ponds or rivers. Or they might get charged large amounts of money by water sellers. Women need to have a job, to get income, to keep their families, so the need to get safe water becomes a drain on their time and their money. * When women and children actually spend their time and effort collecting water, the water itself is actually dirty and polluted and a health hazard. Unclean water causes a lot of problems for people living in the slums. It causes illnesses such as diarrhoea and dysentery, which are responsible for a lot of deaths of thousands of children. Social issue of clean water and sanitation Research possible methods to improve the supply of clean water and effective sanitation. ...read more.

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