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Investigating travel and tourism. Accomodation, transport and attractions.

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Unit 1 - Investigating Travel and Tourism Assignment 1 (P1+ M1) Task 1 (P1) Domestic tourism- domestic tourism is when tourists live in the UK and take holiday in the UK this is usually one night or more, it can also be day trips. An example of domestic tour operators is: Haven and Butlins. Travel companies in the UK are companies such as National express coach services, Great western railway. Inbound tourism- inbound tourism is when tourists live outside of the UK and travel to the UK. Inbound tour operators include All European travel, Marriot hotel. Travel services include Span air, Evan's tours. Outbound tourism- outbound tourism is when tourists live in the UK and travel areas outside of the UK. Examples of outbound companies are Thomson, Thomas Cook, and First Choice. Travel companies include Easyjet, Flybe, Monarch and P&O cruises. Components of Travel and Tourism The components of Travel and Tourism come together to provide business and leisure holidays for customers in the travel and tourism industry. ...read more.


Companies such as Thomas Cook and JMC use charter flights for package holiday customer. Scheduled flights are timetables to fun throughout the year and are generally used by independent travellers. Independent flights are mainly used by business travellers and are relatively small aircrafts. Types of sea travel include ferries, catamarans and cruises. They are used in inbound and outbound tourism. Brittany ferries and P&O ferries are examples of companies within sea travel. Ferries can be used by passenger on foot or they can take their vehicle on board. Cruises travel throughout areas of the world such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, the ships dock and allow passengers to go on excursions on the chosen stopping point. Passengers then rejoin the boat and travel to a new destination. Rail is used by inbound, outbound and domestic tourists mainly popular with domestic tourists. Great western railway is an example of a domestic railway company as it only provides services throughout the West of the UK whereas a company such as the Eurostar train travels throughout Europe. ...read more.


Purpose built attractions attract many inbound outbound and domestic tourists. Purpose built attractions is places such as Alton tower, Lego land, Zoos, Butlins, Centre parks. Tourists visit these sites throughout the year; they attract a lot of tourists from the UK that are on domestic holidays. People visit these places for a good time and for a little break from their usual lifestyles. Events cause a lot of tourists to travel to different places and even stay overnight. A lot of event will be domestic tourists but many people do travel to different countries for big events. Events include music festivals which occur all over the world, music festivals mean that people have to use some sort of transport to get to the situated place and some even stay over night in local accommodation. Other events include sporting events such as Wimbledon, the Grand prix and international football matches. Tour operators Tour operators provide the holiday. Once your holiday has been booked then it is in the hands of the tour operators. They provide tourists with flights, transfers from the airport, hotels and the entertainment within the hotel. Tour operators are companies such as First Choice, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Exodus, and Cycling for softies. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars.
The key terms have been described and examples given. However, more formal definitions may help the reader understand the meaning and apply it to other situations.
Rather than just stating a basic description, it could be expanded upon and explained in more detail.
The examples are appropriate but more detail about one or two would show a deeper level of knowledge and understanding.
The document needs to be proof read to remove grammatical errors.
In addition, limitations and benefits of different travel and tourism options could be discussed in reference to who they might suit and why different people choose each option.

Marked by teacher Katie Price 15/05/2013

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