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Investigation into Environmental Quality across the CBD in Walsall.

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Geography coursework > Investigation into Environmental Quality across the CBD in Walsall. Introduction The investigation for this coursework is set in a town in the West Midlands - Walsall. The aim was to investigate the Environmental quality changes across the Central Business District of Walsall. The investigation will take place from the centre Walsall, which is considered to be St. Paul's Church. The environmental quality of a CBD is very important as it can affect the amount of business in the area of a CBD and it is likely that fewer commuters will commute to the CBD if the Environmental quality is not very good. Aim I aim to investigate the environmental qualities across Walsall's Central Business District and check if my hypothesis is correct. I also aim to explain anomalies, which I may encounter. Hypothesis I hypothesize that as you get further away from the centre of a CBD (St. Paul's Church in Walsall), the quality of the environment will decrease. This is what happens in a normal CBD in UK. This is because the centre of a CBD will normally have fewer cars, as there will not be many roads to give more space for pedestrians therefore the air quality will be better, there will also be more litter bins and therefore less litter. ...read more.


A numerical figure is used to assess the environmental quality, as that is more suitable in producing a better analysis with graphs and results tables. The following is taken into account when producing each EIV: > Traffic > CCTV/Security > Noise > Litter and chewing gum splats > On street Parking > Graffiti > Litter bins Then a table is filled in - Environmental Quality assessment result sheet. The environmental quality assessment criteria sheet is used to help with the completion of each criterion. The total for each location is then used as an EIV. There is only one environmental quality assessment sheet for each group. The other EIV is then taken from the other groups to give all the necessary EIV points for Walsall's CBD in order to investigate the relationship of the Environmental quality of Walsall. Limitations There are many limitations to this investigation: > Time of survey This is a very important factor when doing this investigation as the quality of he environment for each survey point can change for different times and days of the week. The survey took place about 10 00hr to 13 00hr and there would have definitely have been different EIV's if the survey took place for example on a Saturday afternoon where there would have been more pedestrians in Walsall town centre and therefore the would have been more litter, more noise and more traffic. ...read more.


Graphs for 'Map 1' Map 2 and "Environmental Survey & Distance from centre table" Distance from Centre (m) EIV Distance from Centre (m) EIV 140 54 315 27 260 54 400 27 125 53 465 27 220 45 235 26 345 44 300 26 110 43 185 25 210 43 215 25 370 42 220 25 90 41 320 25 115 41 460 25 225 41 95 24 515 40 185 24 230 39 255 24 260 39 365 24 400 39 460 24 85 38 190 23 210 37 480 23 495 37 275 22 245 36 335 22 125 35 395 22 95 34 430 22 95 34 260 21 255 34 265 21 150 33 270 21 185 33 290 21 285 33 330 21 520 33 140 20 105 32 240 20 145 32 305 20 430 32 380 20 210 31 500 20 215 31 340 19 435 31 340 19 30 30 380 19 95 30 380 19 95 30 395 19 155 30 120 18 210 30 285 18 285 30 385 18 150 29 295 17 260 29 340 17 290 29 430 17 365 29 335 16 425 29 300 15 120 28 365 15 200 28 310 14 270 28 175 13 350 28 430 13 380 28 340 10 380 28 370 6 280 27 320 3 Wayes Choudoury -Page 1 - Geography Coursework 11L ...read more.

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