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Is Brazil a rising superpower?

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´╗┐Assessment: Is Brazil a rising superpower? Brazil?s economy is growing by 7%, three times faster than America. Brazil's economy has become the world's sixth-largest economy, overtaking the UK. This is because of it?s large resources and many exports. Brazil is the world?s largest producer of iron ore and 150 miles off the coast, there are the largest discoveries of oil found anywhere in the world. It is also the world?s leading exporter of beef, orange juice, chicken, sugar, coffee and tobacco, most of which is bound for China. China is Brazil?s leading trade partner. Brazil also has the world?s largest cattle industry and a large auto industry. In addition, tourists, football, carnivals and beaches play a large part in Brazil?s economic growth. ...read more.


It has the most sophisticated biofuels industry in the world. Also, there are many benefits from the Amazon rainforest. 20% of our oxygen comes from the Amazon and there are many medicinal plants which are said to maybe cure cancer. However, out of the 18 mega cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro is the 17th most polluted. Also, Brazil has deforested 18% of the Amazon rainforest since 1970. Brazil is considered to be a developing country. This is because of the huge gap between rich and poor, much larger than the Uk. Many parts of the country are surrounded by favelas, illegally built houses where less wealthy people live. There is many suffering and poverty in these slums, with lack of food and education. It is also very dangerous in the favelas, with many riots and crimes. ...read more.


Yet, Brazil could also not be considered a rising superpower. This is because of the population who are living in poverty and the undeveloped areas of Brazil such 1as shanty towns. In conclusion, I think that Brazil might be considered as a superpower but it still has a very long way to go in terms of development. Although it is the sixth largest economy in the world and the leading exporter of many foods and resources, which shows it is capable of being a superpower, it still has to lift its population out of poverty. The main obstable is the difference between the rich and poor. The rich people are very rich and the poor have extremely unhealthy living conditions. In order for Brazil to be a more developed and a superpower country, I believe everyone has to have a healthy lifestyle, a good education and a decent job. ...read more.

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