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Retail land use study of Ormskirk.

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G.C.S.E: Retail land use study of Ormskirk: Location of Ormskirk: Ormskirk is located in the northwest of England in Lancashire. Ormskirk is northeast of Liverpool. It is southeast of Southport. Ormskirk is around 20km away from Liverpool. Preston is Northeast to Ormskirk and is around 22km away from Ormskirk. Background to the study: Hypothesis one: There is a tendency for medium order goods to cluster: This is because medium order goods (such as shoes and clothes) usually cluster so that customers can check shop prices without walking too far and the shops can compete for prices. Hypothesis two: Pedestrian density will increase with increasing distance from the market cross: This is because the further from the center the less people will go to these shops. The bigger and most used shops will be towards the center. Therefore people will shop closer to the market cross rather than on the outskirts Hypothesis three: Shopper perception of the location varies with the frequency of their shopping trips. This is because the more often shoppers visit the town, the better their perception of the layout of shops, but those that visit only once or twice a month will not know it very well. ...read more.


Hypothesis three: In my third hypothesis I only collected ten sets of results, so I did not collect enough data to get a good set of results. This was also solved by getting the class of 30 pupils to get 10 results each and these totaled 300 results. I had a couple of problems with this data collection because firstly I would only approach people that looked approachable, so before I had even started I had discriminated against certain people. Secondly when we did approach people some of them were in a hurry and did not stop to answer. If they did stop, they would sometimes not take the survey too seriously or be in a hurry so their answers would be incorrect because they rushed. If I repeated this data collection tomorrow I would ask more people about the survey so I could get a more accurate results table. I would also ask people who are not I hurry and I would not avoid asking certain types of people. To increase the reliability of the survey I would ask more people about how often they shop and I would make the questions easier to understand so there would be no misunderstanding. ...read more.


22 1.5 22 21 1.2 23 24 1.2 24 23 2.3 25 24 2 26 25 1 27 28 0.5 28 27 2.3 29 30 0.5 30 29 3 31 33 0.6 32 33 1 33 31 1.2 34 35 1 35 34 1.2 36 37 1 37 36 0.5 38 37 0.7 39 37 0.7 40 39 2 41 39 2 42 40 1 43 42 0.5 44 42 1.5 45 46 1.8 46 45 1.8 47 45 0.5 48 49 0.5 49 50 0.8 50 51 1.4 51 50 1.1 Rn=2d ? n/a 72.7 Rn = 2 1.4254901 = 2 x 1.43 ?51/840 1.43 2.d.p 0.70 Evaluation of hypothesis one: Looking back at my data I can see that my data has been reliable enough to make accurate predictions and those predictions were correct. My collection and classification system is good, but to improve it I could classify the shops in terms of goods so a pet shop could be classed as medium order. When I was plotting the data the map was moving about so it was often hard to keep track of where everything was. My tracing paper shows resemblance to my nearest neighbor analysis, however my nearest neighbor is far more accurate. ...read more.

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