To study the influence of Tourists on Settle's Land-use.

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Data Collection for Aim 1

Aim 1

To study the influence of Tourists on Settle's Land-use.

Hypothesis 1

The shops and services in Settle's market area are mainly for tourists.

During my visit to Settle I completed a land use survey of Settle's market square and the surrounding buildings. The use of each building was recorded on a base map given. The map was of the buildings in Settle's market square, each building was numbered from 1-55. Overleaf was a table in which I recorded what each building was used for next to the correct number. I recorded what each building was used for at eye level i.e. the ground floor. These buildings were then classified in different categories e.g. tourist, mixed and residential. The buildings were categorised as it would help me when finding if most of the shops and service's in Settle are mainly for tourists. A sketch of Settle's market was also produced on the same map, showing what the stalls sold and where they were situated. I was able to do this as I went to Settle on a market day.

Hypothesis 2

The majority of visitors have never visited Settle before.

The data which was collected for this aim is a mixture of primary and secondary. The primary data which was collected were questionnaires. These questionnaires were asked to 10 random people as I didn't discriminate against age, gender or race during my visit to Settle. The people asked were randomly selected as they were asked at different times and points in Settle. As it is impossible to ask a sample had to be taken and therefore only a select few were asked to represent the whole of Settle. For it to be a true representative it was done randomly and so the first person seen was asked, this was done so it wasn't biased. There were two different kinds of questionnaires; one was for tourists and the other one was for the locals who actually live in Settle. Each student in my class did 10 questionnaires as well. All the data was collected and collated together giving a larger sample of data therefore being more representative of the views that we sought for. All this data was put on the computer so everyone in the class had access to it; the programme used was Microsoft Excel. These questionnaires would help with my aim and help me accept or reject the hypotheses as it would give me a good idea of why tourists came to Settle. The questions asked included:-

. Where have you come from today?

The reason why this question was asked was because it would tell us if they were tourists and give us an idea of Settles sphere of influence.

2. Why are you visiting Settle?

This would tell us why they are in Settle today.

3. How have you travelled to Settle?

This would tell us how accessible Settle is.

4. How often do you visit Settle?

This question will be very helpful for me as it would give me a good idea of how often tourists visit Settle

Data Collection for Aim 2

Hypothesis 3

To study Settle as a Central Place in North Yorkshire

Most of the data used for this aim was secondary as we got the information from other sources. Information was given on the population size and the number of amenities for 38 settlements around the Settle area. The 1991 Census was used to find the population size for each settlement and the numbers of amenities were obtained from the Malham Tarn Field Centre. The information was used from theses sources as they were easy to obtain although they are now out of date and don't give the current information. The reason why data on population and amenities were collected was because the central place around the Settle area would have the highest population and number of amenities. We were also given information on the types of services in Settle and the surrounding settlements.
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Some primary data was also collected from some questionnaires which were done. These included answers from the tourist and residential questionnaires. The question on the residential questionnaire that would help me is:-

* In which town would you normally buy?

a) Fresh vegetable, fruit, bread, milk and newspapers

b) Computer, TV, furniture, watches and jewellery

The reason this question was asked was because it would tell me where the residents of Settle buy mainly low order goods which include fruit, bread and newspapers and where they buy high order goods which may ...

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