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Shopping survey to test several hypothesis.

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Geography GCSE year 10 Coursework Shopping survey. Our aim Throughout our field trip we had numerous hypothesis to confirm. 1. Most people in York's centre come from beyond the York Unitary Unit 2. Traffic in York is highly restricted 3. Most shops in York's centre are comparison or services rather than convenience 4. Most people travelling towards the CBD (central business district) 5. The advantages of shopping in York out weigh the disadvantages. 6. Most people travel to York by car We are investigating this topic because York is close by for us to use. York is for us easy to reach and it fit's into the topic as a specification about settlements. One unique thing about York is that there are no rival centres, within roughly a twenty-mile radius. It is safe and non-threat. To satisfy our aim we have to study and prove each of our hypotheses, through a variety of questionnaires and surveys. These were all specifically designed for maximum affect and will be described on later. ...read more.


We could count York as being in many regions but if we study them most seem unrealistic for this type of survey and from where people come. The most unlikely line to draw is that of people only go to York within a specific simple radius i.e.50km. This is unlikely because it could depend on the type of transportation into York, people may come from far-off by train, and local people may not have suitable road access to the city. All in all this is the most unlikely of the four possible regions. The most simple of possibilities is to include York in the administrative region, North Yorkshire, or even the county Yorkshire. This is again not the best way to see where people travel from to York. This is because people 20 miles west of York may go to York or Leeds, but people 20 miles east have no real choice whether or not to come into York as there are no large shopping complex's in that area. ...read more.


* The pedestrian count. - We will have one of our pairs standing in a good position, away from lampposts and bus stops etc, then the pair will split so one is on either side of the street standing so they are facing the street. Then they will both count the pedestrians for a specified time, both people will count pedestrians going to their left. * Traffic flow. - We will have one of our pairs standing in a good position, the pair will split so one is on either side of the street standing so they are facing the street. Then they will both count the traffic for a specified time, both people will count traffic going to their left. * Environmental survey. - For the environmental survey we will come once again to be a group of four. We will walk the street twice then walk it once more whilst filling in our survey. * Questionnaire. - For the questionnaire I will go to start them off then be joined by the rest of the group when they had finished their respective job. When we have completed them all I will keep them ready for the write up. Se´┐Żn Mcconville ...read more.

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