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Topography - The natural landscape within the UK consists of a mainly flat land area.

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Evidence Indicator Destination Characteristics Topography The natural landscape within the UK consists of a mainly flat land area. With the majority of England included in the flat land mass the major cities are populated close to the edge of the country or on the side of a national river to allow easy transport and access. In England we have a few higher peaks than sea level as the Pennines run through the north of the country from the east of the Cumbrian Mountains down to the south of the country just outside Manchester. In the rest of England there are smaller peaks of hills/mountains which are:- * Cumbrian Mountains * North York Moors * Cotswald Hills * Chiltern Hills * Salisbury Plain * North Downs In Wales we have the Cambrian Mountains as there is a great deal of high ground in the country. As Wales is dominated by a mountains they also have a high number of sporting resorts within the mountainous regions. They can provide skiing at some of the highest points of the peaks and there are many outdoor activity resorts that can provide:- * rock climbing * absailing * rafting * hiking * mountain climbing The USA is divided into so many states with so many regions of mountainous areas that they find it hard to identify particular regions because of their similarity with other regions from around the world. The majority of the USA is suspended above sea level apart from the following states:- * Florida * Georgia * North Carolina * Alabama * Mississippi These are mainly because the sea is level with the states. Florida has a great deal of Everglades to its name as Florida is the main attraction to the states. Although Georgia on a topographical map seems like it is raised much higher above sea level most of it you can see that it falls into same natural specifications as Florida. ...read more.


Their visa requirements are the most comprehensive kind as they require different types of visa's from the different nationalities in the world as well as a return ticket for the return journey as they can only give tourist so long in the UK as they can only stay for up to three months * In Brunei a strict regime is once again required as they also have a different visa requirement for the different nationalities and also require a return ticket upon entry to the country so that they can see when you are returning back to home countries. Clothing This mainly depends on where you are going on holiday as there are different weather conditions in all different countries and weather is unpredictable in this day and age. On any holiday it is always best to take one item of warm wrappings just in-case the climate fluctuates on a daily basis. This could be the case in the Mediterranean holiday spots where the climate is constantly changing all the time. Shopping Shopping is an important part of tourism not only from the inhabitants but from the tourist visiting the city/town. New York City is one of the most famous cities for shopping, with its huge department stores including Macy's and there is also fashionable 5th Avenue with its world-wide fashion designers with their innovative clothing and fashion designs. These range from:- * Versace V2 * Gucci/Gucci Timepeices * Calvin Klein * Tommy Hilfiger * Dolce & Gabbana * DKNY/Donna Karen * Prada * Richmond To name a few. These are an important part of shopping in New York as they require these shops to cater for the rich and heavy spenders. Tourist just come to these shops just to look at them as they don't usually have time to spend all of their money in one outlet. Places of Interest The Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the most famous buildings visited in the world. ...read more.


Although this is an effective system tourist I think would prefer to use the Yellow Cab Services in New York as you would see the other sights of New York on your way round which would give tourists a better overview of the city as they are taxied to their destination. Education Groups of children would be the best example for a skiing holiday. As in our school every year a ski trip takes about 50 pupils and teachers to a foreign ski resort in Europe or the USA. In the year 2000 the school took a group to the French resort Val Thorens which there was time for students who can't ski can learn with their qualified ski instructors. This was ideal for these students as they would learn all the new skills of skiing. Special Interest These special interests can place anything or anywhere from the Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the most famous buildings visited in the world. This monument will attract many peoples interest and place a lot of interest on one building this monument constructed years ago for a special wife who died during giving birth but made sure that the building would certainly come in useful again. The Sydney Opera House which has a distinct shape on the bay of the Pacific Ocean. This house provides suitable theatrical performances and has many other uses for its property. This building is generally known by people for being the biggest opera house in the world. Visiting Friends and Relatives People visiting friends and family are more likely to not look at any of the reasons for people going to these tourist destinations. Many people with families will look at spending time with their families will be spent:- * shopping * events These are mainly the two most important things to do whilst spending time with family. Families destinations can range from London to NYC to Australia where distant relative and close relatives will live. e theatrical performances. ...read more.

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