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Urban regeneration

Extracts from this document...


Afzol Ahmed Candidate number: 4012 Centre ID: 13212 Introduction * Sequence of investigation Page 3 * Purpose of Study Page 4 * Identify the location Page 5 * About Stratford City Page 8 * Brownfield Site Page 9 Data Collection (Method) * Nature of information and data required Page 10 * Method table Page 11 * Survey Page 14 * Survey method explained Page 15 * Group interview with project directors... Page 17 * Environmental quality index explained Page 20 * Traffic Survey explained Page 22 Data analysis and presentation * Survey Page 23 * Environmental Quality index Page 39 * Traffic Survey Page 42 Conclusion) Page 43 Sequence of investigation: I have created the flow chart below to show a rough outline of the steps I will take in order to carry out my investigations. Investigating the impact of Stratford city redevelopment Purpose of study: As a class, we have decided to base our hypotheses for our GCSE Geography coursework on the development of Stratford City. We chose to base our study on this redevelopment as it is one of the biggest regeneration projects in London, not only that, but its happening at our doorstep. The site at which the development will take place is roughly ten minutes walk away from our school. The area surrounding the site, now proclaimed by the public as the old Stratford, is highly accessible from our school, by bus or walking. This will make it easier for us to gain information, and also get a better insight as to the developments. I will undergo different types of investigations in order to prove whether our hypotheses are right or wrong. As well as collecting data, I will also use data that I have collected before starting the coursework, which was also part of the coursework. On completing this coursework, I hope to improve on my investigative and also my geographic skills, which I could apply on another theory or practise. ...read more.


This is my graph for 'gender' (Analysis): When doing my survey, I took into account that I should be able to control some variables, in order to make my data less biased yet more valid. One of the variables that I was able to control was the number of males and females I would survey. I decided that I would survey the same number of men to women. My total numbers of participants were 20 people, so I surveyed 10 females, and 10 males. The graph above represents this. Why choose this type of graph (Presentation): I chose to use a bar graph for this question as well, fro the same reason I chose to use a bar graph for the first question. I was dealing with categorical data such as male and female, along with frequency. A bar graph is the best type of graph for categorical data, as it is easily understood. Pie chart for the question, 'where are you from?' Figure 21 Analysis: I took a note of where each person that participated in the survey was from, using this result I could analyse where people come from to facilitate the needs that Stratford provides at the moment, I could also use these results to estimate how many people would come in the presence of the new city. You can see from the pie chart that 40% of the people I surveyed were from Stratford itself, 30% from Forest Gate, 20% from Plaistow, and 10% from East Ham, all of which are neighbouring areas except Stratford (see map on Page 26). Why I used a 3D pie chart to plot this data (Presentation): It is easier to analyse because of the colours, and also the addition of the percentages is a bonus. 3D pie chart is better than a 2D pie chart because it looks more graphical and nicer. Below I have added a map which I got of Google maps; I have added this map to back my point of the fact that the following areas annotated in the map are neighbouring areas of Stratford. ...read more.


This however could be controlled if the council introduce a scheme such as park and ride or congestion charge. When I asked one of the men that I met during my tour of the site about how they will control this, they said that they may introduce a scheme. If this scheme does come into action, then the environmental impacts will be positive. Hypothesis three is correct. Limitations, problems and how I overcame them: When we carried out the survey, we initially planned that we would carry it out inside the mall, however we were not allowed to do this without permission, we resolved to carrying out the survey directly outside the mall instead. Also we carried out the survey only once on one day, we could have improved our results if we came back on a few other days and carried out the survey, we did not get an opinion from the young generation of Stratford, and this made my results less precise. When my class mate carried out the traffic survey, she could have done it for a longer period of time, this would have improved the results; another way of improving the results could have been my carrying out the traffic survey from different points, instead of just one. Another limitation was time, if we had more time, we could have carried out more investigations in order to make our results to the best they can be. If I was to carry out this investigation, how would I change it to improve it? There are many things that I could do to improve this investigation; to start with I would carry out the survey again, over a week, and on the weekends so that I can get results from the young generation. I would also carry out the EQI on different roads, and not just limit it to one road. ?? ?? ?? ?? Afzol Ahmed- Geography Coursework 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Physical Geography section.

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