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What areas of Greenwich could be labelled a honeypot

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2. Describe the ways in which the methods of the suffragists and the suffragettes were different? Women began campaigning for the vote in the 1850's and throughout women's suffrage history there have been two main suffrage groups, the National Union of Women's Suffrage (NUWSS) also known as the suffragists and the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU) which was also knowon as the suffragettes. The suffragists methods were peaceful and the suffragettes were more militant. Both groups however had the same main aim, to gain women the right to vote. Both the suffragists and the suffragettes originated from the same organisation the NUWSS but the movement later split into two because some members became frustrated with the slow progress in achieving their goal, and so these members branched off to form the WSPU. ...read more.


Millicent had many political connections and was married to a liberal MP called Henry Fawcett, whom she had been introduced to at an election speech which she had been taken to by her sisters. Her sister, Elizabeth, was the first ever female doctor. Millicent was well educated and had family connections to the suffrage campaign. She did not believe that violence gave results, so the NUWSS attempted many peaceful methods of communicating with the men of the government to get there rights law past, for example they wrote letters to members of parliament, they visited member's houses and they signed many, many, many petitions. However, their rather feeble attempts were unsuccessful and no news came to them of the law being past. ...read more.


Many other women who were also in the NUWSS flocked to this new group and caused mayhem to the organised NUWSS. Just like Millicent Fawcett, Emmeline Pankhurst also had many political connections, and was married to a barrister who was a strong supporter of the campaign. However the WSPU had many splits, as the Pankhurst family had many arguments and there were divisions in the family. The WSPU members were encouraged to go on hunger strikes and Emmeline Pankhurst was arrested many times along with other active members of the WSPU. The NUWSS tried hard to distance themselves as they believed this methods were more of a hindrance to the campaign rather than a help. There were many differences between the two groups and in 1893 when Emily Davison jumped in front of a horse and killed herself the NUWSS believed they had taken the campaign too far. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Rafferty 14/10/08 first draft - not finished ...read more.

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