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Write a letter to immigration

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23 Octopus Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 123 Mr Gordon Brown 10 downing St. Westminster London Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to you today to share with you my concerns over continued immigration to the UK. In the last 10 years, the UK's population has increased by 1.5 million people due to net immigration. Two-thirds of those people where born in Asia of Africa. In 2006 the total UK population was 60.6 million. Statistics show that if this immigration continues then by 2031 the total population of the UK would reach up to 70 million people. The UK itself holds a variety of opportunities and benefits for people but it has a limit to the amount of people it can provide for. ...read more.


A social issue regarding immigration is that many of them are foreign and may not speak English. This means that they wouldn't be able to socialize with anyone and may find it hard to find a job or even buy something they need. If they were asylum seekers and had been forced to move to the UK they might not feel like they fit in or they might feel unwelcome. However, I am aware of all the positive aspects of immigration. Economically, there will be more people to take the hundreds of jobs that are available that many other people don't necessarily like doing. This means that people like refugees and asylum seekers, even after their 6 months, can at least get a job and provide for themselves and maybe their family. ...read more.


Many have gone into building and industrial work but those who are know more English have gone into something more advanced and are now living among us and are easily socialising. Also, some Chinese people migrate from China to the UK so that they can have a proper family because at the moment in China there is the 1 child policy in which each couple are only allowed 1 child each, as the Chinese population density is very high. From all the reasons I have stated it is clear that immigration to the UK is a problem but has its advantages. However, if immigration continues to increase than eventually resources will run out and many problems would start to occur. I hope that I have clarified my views on this matter. I await your response eagerly, with any further suggestions you wish to make. Yours sincerely Hazeera Ishaq ...read more.

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