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Care Value Base Information

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The principles of the care value base Everyone has rights because of the discrimination laws and the human rights act. These rights give individuals to the freedom of expression of thought and to have a private life, protection and safety from torture, slavery, abuse, unfair treatment, dignity, access information about themselves and to be able to use a preferred method of communication and language. Health and care workers have many responsibilities to make sure that they take good care and the right care values for their patients and service users. They need to be polite, caring, considerable and patient with them. Each patient and service user has a different need, want, preferences and expectations, they need to be able to recognise this. ...read more.


Health and care workers have to use the care value base in their work as it is one of their main responsibilities. Each care value base as different for each job, however this will be explained to the employee in their job description, work policy, procedures and some mission statements. There are many principles of the care value base, below are the principles: * Confidentially, an example of this is when a care worker discusses information with another care worker; this is not following the care base principles. It is very important a care worker keeps confidentially with the user in order to gain trust, safety and legal requirements. ...read more.


* Policies and procedures, this could be when the service user is given an introduction to the care centre. There are many procedures the care worker must follow out in order to make the service user comfortable and to feel secure. An example is if the user is not shown where they are able to spend free time at the centre, they may feel that the centre is boring. * Worker relationship, this is respect, the care work and service users should have respect for each other in order to for the service user to be treated correctly, the user might be treated like an object and not be spoken to, this affects the service user and could make them feel unwanted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Amy Cowell Care value base Task four P4/P5 ...read more.

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