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First Aid - Eye injuries and Bites and Stings

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´╗┐Year 11 PDHPE Assessment Task ? First Aid ________________ Eye Injuries ________________ The nature of the injury ________________ The structure of the face is to help protect your eyes from injuries. Still, injuries can damage your eye, sometimes harshly enough that you could lose your vision. Eye injuries can range from minor bruises and scratches to serious cuts, fractures and burns. The eye injuries often occur in the workplace, at home and participating in sports Common eye injuries can include: 1. A small particle such as a twig which can damage the clear front part of the eye called the cornea 2. A foreign body such as a small metal that can get stuck in the eye 3. A sudden blow to the eye such as from a cricket ball which causes the middle section of the eye (the uvea) becomes swollen. Signs and symptoms of the injury ________________ Signs and symptoms of eye injuries can include: Chemical contamination 1. Pain and burning 2. Redness 3. Swollen eyelids 4. Stinging Flash burns 1. Pain 2. ...read more.


Encourage the victim to blink several times 2. Flush the affected area with clean water or preferably sterile saline if available. 3. Seek medical advice if the object does not remove Embedded object in the eye 1. Do not remove the object 2. Place a protective cover on the injured eye; ensure that there is no pressure on the eye. Use an object such as a plastic or polystyrene cup can be used and secured in place. 3. Place a pad to be placed over the uninjured eye to minimise movements in both eyes. 4. Seek urgent medical aid ________________ Summary - Eye Injury ________________ Eye injuries can be ranged to minor such as getting soap in your eyes to the catastrophic, resulting in permanent loss of vision or the loss of an eye. Often occur in the workplace, at home and participating in sports. There are many ways to injury your eye such as chemical injury, flash burns, infections, and allergies, embedded object in the eye and Small foreign body in the eye. These injuries can be severe but it can also be managed. ...read more.


Sting marks 2. Pain 3. Headache 4. Vomiting 5. Breathing difficulties Primary management of the injury ________________ Snakebite 1. DRABCD 2. Rest 3. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage over the bite 4. Immobilise the snake bite 5. Do not elevate 6. Urgent call for medical help Bee and wasps 1. Remove the sting by scraping or flicking it sideways 2. Apply ice 3. Monitor for allergic reactions 4. Seek medical advice Bluebottles 1. DRABCD 2. Dip the area in hot water which will help ease the pain 3. Seek medical attention ________________ Summary- Bites and Stings ________________ Bites and stings can occur when the species seeks to defend itself or when it seeks to feed off the bitten person and can inject venom in the human body. As every venomous creature is different the bites and stings will depend on the characteristics such as the type of creature, strength and the amount of venom injected into the body. All insect bites can have an allergic reaction to humans and the size of the reaction depends on the level of the allergy the victim has. As some venom may seem as minor bites/ stings if the victim has an allergic reaction to the venom they may go into anaphylactic shock which can turn serious. ...read more.

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