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Fashion in post-war Britain

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´╗┐After World War II, there was a huge push to get women back into the home and the kitchen, to do the traditionally womanly duties of raising children and looking after the house. In magazines, television programs, books and other media, the housewife, or "homemaker," was glorified as the supreme goal; going against one's "femininity" (i.e., being interested in politics or non-wifely duties) was a fearful fixation. 1950s fashion was an essential part of this push. Unlike the boxy silhouettes of rationed 1940s uniforms, 1950s fashions emphasized fragile femininity, in the form of soft shoulders, stiletto heels, wrist-length gloves and full, flowing skirts. ...read more.


Men's 1950s fashion was clean cut and traditional. The "grey flannel suit" referred to a style popular among American men, which started out in the Ivy League colleges. The "American suit" was usually charcoal grey, single-breasted with two or three widely spaced buttons, unwaisted, with no back vent. Also popular was the "penny loafer," a slip-on shoe with a cut-out apron that could fit a penny. Hats became less and less popular among both men and women, throughout the 1950s. By the end of the 1950s they were still seen, though not required for a business uniform; by 1970, they had vanished almost entirely. Men's hair was kept short and neat, typically in a crewcut. ...read more.


and later outdone in the 1978 film called "Grease". They raced about town on motorbikes and were consider outrageous. Preppie qualities were neatness, tidiness and grooming. Teen girls wore full dirndl or circular skirts with large appliqués on their clothing. Neat pleated skirts were also popular. The pleated skirts were made from a then new fabric called TERYLENE (polyester) which helped maintain razor sharp sunray pleating. The skirts were supported by bouffant paper nylon or net petticoats. On top, teens wore scoop neck blouses, back to front cardigans, tight polo necks or three quarter sleeve white fitting shirts often with a scarf knotted cowboy fashion at the side neck. These teen clothing fashions that originated in America filtered to Britain in watered down fashion. ...read more.

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