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Good morning nurse Joy

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English Essay "Good morning nurse Joy, How are you?" panted Joe as he rushed in to the sun hospice. "Good thanks, what about you?" Nurse said enthusiastically. "I'm ok, hard day at school though, anyway is my grandpa awake?" asked Joe. "Yes he is awake, though he has been in a bad mod today can you go and cheer him up?" as she sighed. "Whats the matter long day?" Joe said sympathetically. "Yeah, I have to work late, don't worry go and see your granddad," as joy took a gulp from the plastic cup which contained terrible tasting coffee from the vending machine. " Ok" while Joe ran off down the hall. Joe ran as fast as his little legs could carry him to the small little room where his granddad was staying. Joe entered the little room to see his grandpa standing at the window, Staring at a little robin. " Hi grandpa, how are you today," Joe inquired. ...read more.


We got to the local pub to see it absolutely packed with men all talking about war and whether to register or not. Then all of a sudden my dad jumped up on to the nearest table and proclaimed that every man should in role, fight for the king and that their country needs them. The whole pub started chanting his name "Martin, martin, Martin!" even I thought this great and started chanting myself. But then realising I would have to enrol myself, I regretted being there. A week later, having registered the bus came to our house but before we got on the bus a said good bye to my crying mother and promised to her that I would be back. I said goodbye to Andrew who still had no idea what was happening to us. I told him that I was going on long holiday not knowing how long I would be. ...read more.


Any way these twelve blokes became my best friends for the duration I spent with them. After three weeks of intensive training the team joined with another team. The group decided to call ourselves the "Hell fish" this gave the group a lot of confidence many of them thinking they were invincible. Us, the hell fish were put on a bus to Dover (this is were the war began for as I was feeling very nervous). As we pulled up to the road to the port there were hundreds of thousands men waiting to board boats to cross the channel. Mike stood up "f**k**g hell, I weren't expecting this many people, we'll be here for hours!" shouted mike. He was right, the hell fish boarded the little boat and set off for France the sea was very rough and most of threw up. As we got to nearer to Calais the sea calmed down and we had an easy journey to the beach. The whole of the British army assembled into there groups and told were to go ...read more.

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