How far do these sources agree about what happened in Sharpeville on the morning of 21 March?

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                    Assignment 2 (assessment Objectives2 and3)

Question one

Q: How far do these sources agree about what happened in Sharpeville on the morning of 21 March?  

        Sources A and B both agree that a protest took place on the 21st of March around lunchtime. Both also agree that protesters and police were present. The police were in Saracens armoured vehicles. The sources also state the violence started around the police station.    

Source A:  “There were plenty of police too, well armed,”

The police clearly expecting violence otherwise they would not be armed.

        The writers of these sources convey many differences in atmosphere .Source A conveys the atmosphere to be peaceful

        “It was like a Sunday outing”

However, source B it is shown as something out of a gangster movie with lots of shootings.

          “There was a shooting in the morning in which African was killed and another wounded”.

This is quiet horrific you would not expect this to happen in broad day light with children and women around, this would defiantly make the atmosphere tense.

        The sources agree that the protesters and police were present the police had their armoured vehicles. The sources vastly differ, they do not agree on the level of violence or who was to blame. Source A says the protesters were well behaved and the police were the aggressors,

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        “A constable shoved his rifle against my wind shield. Another pointed his rifle at my chest.”

Source B says the protesters were rioting and the police were forced to use violence as a last resort.

           There are more differences like those that in Source B no cars were mentioned

However, in source A it says there were,

                “Three Saracen armoured cars”.

Another disagreement is that the protesters were shouting different slogans source A sys they were shouting

                “(Izwe lethu) our land”

However, source B says thousands of them were shouting “Africa”.

The sources agree on a ...

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