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History Essay: 1865 - 1877: A False Dawn for African Americans

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History Essay: 1865 - 1877: A False Dawn for African Americans? Introduction In 1860 Abraham Lincoln became the President of the United States of America. He was from the North, and so the Southern slave owners were afraid to lose their slaves. Because of this they separated from the USA to become the Confederate States. This sparked off a war between the two ends of America, the North and South, it was called the American Civil War. Eventually in 1865 Lincoln passed laws and his Proclamation of Emancipation. This promised freedom to all of the slaves in the Southern States. Black slaves were also allowed to fight for the Northern army. Now blacks were set free they had a whole load of possible opportunities, but this new freedom that they had received had just turned out to be a different form of slavery. ...read more.


It was not only schools but share croppers, they were made to buy tools from whites and this usually resulted in debt. So basically the whites tried to trap the blacks in some way and make them suffer. Blacks in the South found a difference between legal rights (dejure) and what they were allowed to do (defacto). Even though the laws were passed as black men being able to vote, they were still prevented from doing so by violent whites who went around as armed gangs. The result of all the events going on brought out the 'Jim Crow' laws to divide blacks and whites as a form of segregation. Whites say it was to put the blacks in their place. These laws stopped the shared use of restaurants, schools, public transport, housing and hotels - at that point being referred to as 'white' schools, transport etc. ...read more.


By 1910 is was impossible for most blacks to vote. Because of this they lost their property and returned to poverty. Conclusion It was only recently, in 1965, that blacks finally got the freedom that they were long overdue. After 100 years of actually being given their freedom to then actually getting their freedom. So the 12 years of a false dawn from 1865 to 1877, which was the reconstruction after the Civil War, was then extended up to 1965 where blacks finally got their freedom guaranteed on paper by President Johnson. He passed the Voting Rights Act 'which enforced civil rights and guaranteed voting rights for African Americans'. Today people in parts of the USA are still being racially attacked and killed by groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and this is after all that has happened since slavery first took place. The racial abuse would be very bad today if we didn't have non-violent protestors like Martin L. King and Malcolm X who changed the ways of the Black American community. ...read more.

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