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How far did Hitler succeed in creating a Volksgemeinschaft between 1933-39?

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Matthew Watson 13Bh How far did Hitler succeed in creating a Volksgemeinschaft between 1933-39? Volksgemeinschaft essentially means National Community. Hitler wanted all ethnic Germans who were genetically pure to come together into one Community to be the superior dominating race in the world. Those in Germany, who were not ethnically German, possessed communist, homosexual, Jewish or Romany values would be excluded from this community Put in concentration camps removed from any high office and discriminated against. Volksgemeinschaft also involved a sense of hyper-Nationalism and racism in that Hitler wanted people to believe that they should be proud to be part of the Volksgemeinschaft and wanted people to be predigest against those who were not as racially pure or genetically superior. For the National Community idea to work Hitler needed to heal the divisions in society that Democracy had caused in June 1933 the Nazi party started the Reinhardt programme which aimed via a series of public work to vastly reduce the 6 million unemployed in Germany. This made the German people feel as if there country actually needed them again rather than being a burden to the state and this was the first step to making people belong to the Volksgemeinschaft. ...read more.


Hitler wanted to change this and believed that although women were equally important as men they had different role to play in the Volksgemeinschaft to men. They were to be mother's and child bearer's they could no longer be professional's. This not only potentially increased the number of likely members of the Volksgemeinschaft but also freed up job's to give to those men who had been made unemployed by the depression. In June 1933 marriage loans for ethnically pure Germans were introduce, tax relief if women didn't work, increased family allowance and the honor Cross of German Mother Hood. Were all introduced in order to entice Women from the work place back to there homes and to have babies. The next Generation of Nazi's were also indoctrinated with the idea's of a Volksgemeinschaft in the same way that we are with the idea of democracy. In that they were taught at school that it was the norm and that view supporting, other things were either wrong or inappropriate. The Hitler youth (similar in basic principles to the Scout's) was the main way in which young people were taught the principles of Nazism and helped to make the young generation believe in the principle's the Nazi's represented. ...read more.


However, it could also be said that the fact he could have 6 million people killed and the Volksgemeinschaft accept this, as ok may be the great triumph of the National community. In that he had convinced them so well that, they actually believed that the Jews and other non-society members were inferior and there fore it didn't matter if they lived of died. Hitler defiantly managed to create a society in which the majority of ethnic Germans believed them selves to be the superior master race. However he did not succeed in the respect that all German people were not living in Germany occupied territory by the end of 1939 the were at least 1 million ethnic German's living in Rumania and many others which had lived in German colonies before and during World War one which had not been regained by 1939. Hitler went a long way in creating a Volksgemeinschaft by 1939 but there was still some work to do en ensuring all ethnic German's were part of the national Community and he still had to remove the unwanted element's from the living space the German Nation had acquired. However the task was nearer it's completion than its beginning. ...read more.

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