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How far was Roosevelt himself responsible for this election victory in 1932?

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2. How far was Roosevelt himself responsible for this election victory in 1932? Explain your answer. Roosevelt won the presidential election in 1932, there are many factors that contributed to Roosevelt's victory, and some of these are not due to Roosevelt himself. Roosevelt's opposition in the election was Herbert Hoover, the current president, who was a Republican. Roosevelt was a Democratic and the Democratic Party provided him with a lot of support in his campaign to be president. At the time of the election the Depression was getting increasingly worse, so people were looking for options from the campaigns that would have affected the way they voted. One of the most important factors of Roosevelt's election was the Depression. The Depression created a need for change in the people and this what FDR offered. The Depression left fourteen million unemployed and many homeless, which made people feel desperate. World Trade had also dropped to two thirds of what it had been in 1929, with the economy in chaos many businesses closed. ...read more.


Roosevelt's opposition in the 1932 election was Herbert Hoover, a Republican who had been president before. The failure of Hoover and the Republicans to solve the Depression meant they became very unpopular. Hoover tried to sit out the Depression and hoped the economy would pick up. When giving speeches Hoover gave the impression of being out of control. The Republicans and Hoover's lack of action to solve the Depression was not popular, as people wanted action from the government to help solve their problems. Roosevelt's campaign was very different from Hoover's .It was upbeat and that would have encouraged and created excitement in the people. FDR's campaign schedule was very busy. He covered most of America by train making up to 15 speeches a day. This would have made him popular as he was going out and meeting ordinary Americans. Roosevelt's family provided him with plenty of support during the campaign. They were so important in FDR's election. ...read more.


The Party organization will have organized rallies and other such events to get people to vote for him. There will have been many other people working for the Democratic Party that will also have made great contributions to the success of the campaign. With out the Party, it would have been very difficult for Roosevelt to get to the position he had. Roosevelt was only partly responsible for his own election as there are many other circumstances that have to be taken into consideration. The Depression and circumstances of the time changed what people wanted in a government and caused the major unpopularity of Hoover and the Republicans .The unpopularity of the Republicans made way for the Democrats and Roosevelt. Roosevelt would have had to win the party's presidential nomination by using his personality and experience as Governor but also his connections with in the party. With out the support of his family Roosevelt may not have got as far as he did. Roosevelt's experience and personality would have contributed to his election victory but to many Americans he was the only choice as Hoover had done such a poor job of solving the Depression. ...read more.

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