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How important was propaganda in bringing Hitler to power.

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How important was propaganda in bringing Hitler to power Propaganda was important in strengthening the image of Hitler and the Nazi party but not in bringing him to power. Propaganda only exploited the events that created trouble for the Weimar republic. The Nazis were able to carefully manipulate events to their advantage, such as the signing of the Versailles treaty and the Wall Street crash. This was done through the persuasive and appealing speeches made by Hitler and by the captivating posters that the Nazis created. It is also important to consider the influence PR had on the success of the Nazi party and how the party targeted almost every part of society. There is no doubt about the fact that the Nazi party knew how to use propaganda to it full potential through the media and other forms. However it is hard to measure the effects propaganda had on the public. It is obvious that without the damning events that shook the Weimar republic Hitler may have never got to power, their use of propaganda was not the main contributor in bring Hitler to power. ...read more.


Once again it was the events in Germany that shaped public opinion of the nazi party not the propaganda produced by the party. The most influential event to the Nazi party was the Wall Street crash. The wall street crash is the most important factor out of all the events the Nazis exploited. A large amount of Nazi propaganda is linked to the effects the Wall Street crash had on Germany. The Wall Street crash had a long term effect on Germany this meant that the Nazis could exploit it for longer. It had an undeniable effect on the Nazi party's popularity. The Nazi party capitalized hugely on the wall the street crash with a flurry of effective propaganda. However it may have not been the propaganda that caused the huge rise in vote in the 1930 election (12 votes - 107 votes) but the fact that Hitler was at last able to get the votes of the middle classes. This was because due to the Wall Street crash they had lost a large amount of their savings, which were tied up in shares that became worthless. ...read more.


A further example of this is that when Germans voted in elections in the 1930s the ballot card referred not to the NSDAP but to the Hitlerbewegung ('Hitler movement'). The Nazis' made Hitler into the focus of the party this acted as a distraction away from the party and the policies it had. Hitler's effective and appealing speeches were a powerful tool. In conclusion with the evidence I have presented it can be seen that the damning and unfortunate events that happened during the Weimar republic and before it had a larger effect on Hitler's rise to power than the propaganda his party created. After all it was the events themselves that were exploited so without them the party would have found it hard, as it was an extremist party to go up against a popular Weimar republic. It was not Hitler's experience of being in a cabinet that got him in to power, as he had no previous experience of being in a cabinet. Instead it was his celebrity like status that got him so well known. There is no doubt that propaganda did contribute to Hitler's rise to power but it was not the most important factor. William Woollett 6D1 ...read more.

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