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Interpretatios of the new deal

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Interpretations of the New Deal In my essay I am going to be writing about the sources that are for Roosevelt and the sources that are against Roosevelt. In source I the picture shows that Uncle Sam has had a car crash. We see Hoover running away from this who is clearly not helping Uncle Sam where as FDR is coming towards Uncle Sam and is going to help him. This source shows when USA had gone into the depression it was not Hoover who helped the Americans it was Roosevelt. The source also shows that FDR was helping with the great depression and created the New Deal to help him do this. Therefore this source supports FDR because it shows that he is helping the USA. Source 2 also supports FDR. Source 2 shows Roosevelt trying to restore the American poverty. In the source it shows that FDR is pulling ships which represents:- * Farm Relief * Unemployment * Economy * Confidence * Beer This source shows that FDR is bringing back all these things into the USA again and that FDR was trying to do something good for the USA. Another source that supports FDR is source 3. Source three was written by men workers. They thought work fro them was good and was a fair pay. ...read more.


The batsman is telling the referee that he does not like the referee's decisions and that the referee is going to have to work with someone who can see things the batsman's ways. Also in the cartoon it is shown that the batsman has got a bat in his hand that says 'More New Deal laws' and there are many other bats that represent programs like the NRA and the AAA are shown as 'out'. This cartoon is trying to show that Roosevelt wanted to create more New Deal laws and wanted to chuck out programs such as the NRA and AAA. From the source you can also tell that the Supreme Court was totally against this and did not want this to happen. Source 8 is also against Roosevelt. This source is a cartoon which was published by Roosevelt's opponents during the New Deal. It shows Roosevelt using more and more money to prime the New Deal pump. It also shows that the money that Roosevelt is pouring into the pump is leaking away. This means that the money Roosevelt was spending way too much money and all of it was being wasted. For example Roosevelt had set up the CWA program. Although the CWA did find jobs for millions of people within two months, not all of the jobs had an obvious public value. ...read more.


This source is against FDR because it suggests that Roosevelt did not do anything good fro his country and that he just created more problems. We know this because it was not until the war that the army of the unemployed had finally disappeared. This shows that the FDR did not do anything for the unemployed; it shows that he just waited until all the problems disappeared for him. Source 10 is also about unemployment and the great depression. This source is views of a modern historian on the New Deal. The source tells us that the most damning criticism of Roosevelt's policy was that it failed to cure the depression. Despite some $20 billion poured out in spending and lending, there were still millions of dispirited men unemployed. Unemployment began to rise again as FDR had cut funds to the states this was because he could not run any work schemes which was another headache for FDR. FDR wasted a lot of money by lending goods to Great Britain when she was on her own. By the autumn 0f 1940 Britain was on her own in the war. FDR now got congress to agree in lending goods to Britain free of charge. This money was never repaid by Britain and couldn't be repaid in the future. Some people thought that FDR wasted more money by creating the Social Security act. FDR created a new law which allowed to give benefits to the old, children, unemployed and the disabled. Sonia Nabi 10O ...read more.

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