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John F. Kennedy Assassination Sources Questions

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John F. Kennedy Assassination Sources Questions Study Sources A-F. Why Might President Kennedy Have Been Assassinated? There are many different reasons why President Kennedy may have been assassinated, as he has numerous internal US as well as external enemies. He was an outspoken anti-Communist, making enemies in Russia, Europe and Cuba. Furthermore, his own government didn't agree with many of his decisions. Source A illustrates Kennedy's stance on the "reds", "The enemy is the Communist system itself". Kennedy also made a similar stand in 1960, when as the US Secretary of State, he admitted that he wanted to end the war with Japan before the Soviets became involved. These obvious public pronouncements did not help Kennedy's relations with the USSR and may provide clues as to why communists might have preferred to see him dead. Kennedy also made many enemies in Cuba. Source B tells us, "Anti-Castro activists and organisations (such as CIA backed Cuban exiles).....aqquired the means, motive and opportunity to assassinate the President." Although such Cuban exiles and the CIA were working against Castro, Kennedy failed to supply them with the US soldiers and military capacity to ensure their success at the Bay of Pigs. This presented potential enemies for the President since the CIA were close to him and could find the ideal 'opportunity' to assassinate him. Due to the incidents in the Bay of Pigs, there was resentment towards the President from Castro supporters and also Soviets. Before 1063, Kennedy continued Eisenhower's policy of sending 'military advisers to South Vietnam', which angered communists. ...read more.


Source H reveals, "evidence established a 'high probability'" and also, "Kennedy was probably assassinated......." Yet this displays an unconvincing argument. We also have to ask just how impartial and reliable is the 'JFK' Study Guide, which has made use of HSCA findings because it is also pro-conspiracy. The Witnesses - Sources I + J There are inconsistencies between the reports of each witness, with Jean Hill saying, "I heard 4 to 6 shots" and Gordon Arnold saying, "The shot came from behind me". We can almost definitely discount the use of witnesses in I and J, because, as seen in the previous section, their reliability is highly questionable. That said, source I is taken from the writings of pro-conspiracy theorist Summers, whilst source J is a section from the anti-conspiracy work of Posner. From the evidence presented it is impossible to judge which is more accurate. Like the HSCA, these investigations were carried out long after the assassination - 19 years! Once again, witnesses testaments may have changed due to outside influences. The Panel's findings contradict those of the HSCA. This undermining means it is difficult to determine which source is to be believed. However, we do know that source L's author, Posner, is prejudiced against the conspiracy theory. Also, the Ramsey Panel was set up in reaction to the findings of the HSCA. Source M We are immediately given statistics to 'convince', "Over 88% heard 3 shots fired and fewer than 7% heard 4 or more...." This source seeks to convince the historian that there was no conspiracy, but again it was written by Posner, whose motives must be questioned. ...read more.


* The 'Magic Bullet Theory' supports the statement that one bullet missed, one made six wounds, the other causing the head shot. Source N, below, shows the elaborate, doubtful explanation for this "bizarre zigzag trajectory". * Source Q, however, depicts just how the bullet worked its course, using the more accurate method of computer reconstruction : Dr. Michael Baden, of the HSCA, claims that, "His wounds were clearly the result of one bullet passing straight through him". * The reason the bullet had remained whole, was that its speed had decreased after passing through Kennedy. * Statistical evidence from source M, (assuming the source is reliable) states, "Over 88% heard 3 shots and fewer than 7% heard 4 or more...." This clearly indicates that it was a lone gunman firing. Even after taking all this into account, we still have to look at the big picture. The vast majority of the public could simply not believe that the most powerful man in the world could be killed by one, insignificant man. They needed a conspiracy theory, and that's what the government gave them. Since the assassination, witnesses have died and their memories have faded. The historian must remember that no matter what evidence we have now, no doubt it will be repeatedly re-evaluated, as proven by Summers when he talks about Garrison and JFK, "It was an abuse of history and .........discredited and stalled genuine research for a full decade,". Even if totally new, unbiased evidence comes to light, it will still be treated with scepticism. It is unlikely that we will ever be able to prove the lone gunman theory or conspiracy theory and the rightful explanation for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy ...read more.

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