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Nazi Germany Essay.

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Nazi Germany Essay Hitler and his Nazi party brought about various changes in Germany between 1934 and 1939. These are political, economical, and social changes, and they affected many people in different ways. The ordinary people in Germany, especially those who were unemployed were the ones who were benefited by some of the economical changes that the Nazis made. However, German communists, social democrats, Jews, and other people whom the Nazis took a prejudiced view of had to undergo many hardships during the period of the changes. Since the year Hitler became F�hrer and gained absolute power, many events occurred that changed the course of German history and took a heavy toll of human lives. The following paragraphs are about how Hitler and the Nazi party started the political, economical, and social events, and what kind of effects they had on the people. The political events include 'Night of the long knives', Terror Campaign, Nuremberg laws, and Kristallnacht. ...read more.


They were laws against the Jews, and forbade marriages and sexual relations between Germans and Jews, and forbade the Jews to employ Germans. The 9th and the 10th of November (1938) were the days of Kristallnacht. SS and SA men were made to attack property and synagogues of the Jews, and killed 91 Jews and arrested 20000. This occurred because the Nazis were offended by the fact that a Polish Jew had killed an official in the German Embassy in Paris. After the Kristallnacht the government made the Jews pay for the damages. Economic changes include the decrease in unemployment, Four Year Plan, increase in industrial production, and the Labour Service. Hitler had to give jobs to the unemployed Germans in order to stay in power, so, he continued the work creation schemes that were started by the previous governments. He decided to build the Autobahn network, and in 1935 he introduced a Labour Service which all men between 18 and 26 had to join. ...read more.


Hitler used technical devices such as radio and told the Nazi government to put radio on the market, in factories, and in meeting places. His aim was to take away independent thought from the ordinary people, and to make them believe that he was the one and only person who could rule Germany. He also made mass rallies using loudspeakers and microphones and spoke in front of many people. The Ministry for People's Enlightenment and Propaganda held press conferences to tell the press what to write about the government. Thus Hitler and his Nazi party managed to win many people over to their side. Some of the changes that the Nazis made enriched people's lives because they gave them jobs and decreased the unemployment rate. They have indeed advantages. However, they committed atrocities and went to the extremes. They believed that they could make Germany powerful by brainwashing the general public and attacking all the others that were disturbing to them. Afterwards their belief would prove to be wrong. After all the desirable and undesirable events had occurred Germany entered war and headed for the fall. ...read more.

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