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Study sources A and B. Which of the two sources

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Question A Study sources A and B. Which of the two sources would a historian studying kristallnacht find more useful Source A is a summary by a historian of Fritz Hesse's account of a dinner with Hitler. Hesse wrote his account in 1954. There are many concerns about source A. a major problem with source A is that Fritz Hesse did not write his account until 1954, which was 16 years after the event. Although it would have been an important event in Hesse's life, it would be highly unlikely that he could have remembered the event as vividly as it is wrote. This can make the information unreliable as Hesse could have forgotten information or wrongly remembered it, and also makes it secondary evidence. ...read more.


Source B is a secret report prepared by the Nazi Supreme Court after the events of kristallnacht. I believe that this source would be the most useful as I have less concerns about it. We do not know how reliable the source is, but it was a secret report, so why would they lie in a secret report that only specific people were intended to see. However, it was written by the Nazis, and they didn't want it to look like they had organised kristallnacht, so they might have wrote it inclined towards the innocence of the Nazis to clear their name of organising event. They might also do this as they would know that the secret report would be found at sometime, and that people would know about it. ...read more.


This means it was most likely to have been wrote before 1939, which makes source B more of a primary source. I feel that source B would be the most useful to a historian studying kristallnacht as it is more of a primary source. Despite this, source A is still useful as it has some similarities to source B. In source A it tells us that Goebbels tells Hitler of the attacks on the Jewish society. This could be because Goebbels wanted to look good in front of Hitler so he could get back in with him. This gives Goebbels a motive for organising kristallnacht. This is backed up by source B, where on the first line it tells us that Goebbels mentioned the attacks to Hitler again. I feel that as source B was a secret report that there would be more truth into it. 1 Connor Richardson 10WS ...read more.

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