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The Black Death

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´╗┐The Black Death The Black Death was a horrible and terrifying period of time. And the amount of people that died during the Black Death was gob smacking. The disease started in 1348. The disease included large swellings under the armpit and the groin area. There were also 2 types of the disease. The bubonic plague and the nymemomic plague. The bubonic plague was swellings and the nymemonic plague was a sort of lung infection. And it would basically rot your lungs inside. But the main problem in the Black Death The Black Death was spread all over Europe by rats climbing aboard boats and bringing it to other countries. ...read more.


Or even big enough to encircle a village, and burned it all night and day. The Rats carried the disease and the rats roamed around the streets spreading it about. And they climbed aboard on ships and other counties go it too. But the rats actually died too! Because they only had the disease because of the fleas. The rats died like because they had the disease as well. Symptoms The plague produces several different symptoms in its victims. Bubonic, the most common form of the plague, produces fist-sized swellings, called bulboes, at the site of flea bites - usually in the groin, armpits, or neck. ...read more.


The Italian author Boccaccio claimed that the plague victims "ate lunch with their friends and dinner with their ancestors in paradise." Black Death in England The summer of 1348 was abnormally wet. Grain lay rotting in the fields due to the nearly constant rains. With the harvest so adversely affected it seemed certain that there would be food shortages. But a far worse enemy was set to appear. It isn't clear exactly when or where the Black Death reached England. Some reports at the time pointed to Bristol, others to Dorset. The disease may have appeared as early as late June or as late as August 4. We do know that in mid-summer the Channel Islands were reeling under an outbreak of the plague. From this simple beginning the disease spread throughout England with dizzying speed and fatal consequences. ...read more.

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