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The Hitler Years

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"The Hitler Years was it all bad?" Since the Nazi's came to power in Germany, the country and its people have changed very dramatically. Life for the people and the economy has also changed very much since Hitler came into power. Before the Nazi's came into power the Weimar Republic had virtually toppled over Germany and destroyed its economy due to the Wall Street Crash and the hyper inflation crisis. When the Nazi Party came into power, Hitler promised to end this depression in the country, this won them a lot of support which is why they came into power beating off and eliminating the communist party. Hitler needed to follow his foreign policy in order to get Germany back on the map. In this article we will be showing you how life was for Germany and its people under the Nazi's, you can see if it benefited or became worse after the reign of the Weimar Republic. We will be mainly looking out how Hitler recovered the economy and made it a better place for the Germans to live and the opportunities he gave to people for the country to become dominant in Europe again. When Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany he first promised that people that everyone would have jobs which pleased the middle class people. ...read more.


When the Nazis came into power they banned trade unions, as they believed them to be a threat to discipline in the workplace. Therefore in place of that the German Labour Front (DAF) was set up which controlled all workers everywhere and set people wage rate and regulated their working hours. The organisation was set up by Dr Robert Ley and all German workers were forced to join however it did end up benefiting them and the country as a whole. Other organisation where also set up within the DAF to please the workers such as the Strength through Joy. One of the main aims of the Beauty of Labour was too basically improving work conditions for example by reducing factory noise and also introducing hot meals at midday. Therefore it was hoped that the workers would be willing to work longer hours for less wages. Overall the organisation tried to convince the German workforce of the need to work to improve Germany and make it great again. One of the main and major reasons to why the unemployment rate dropped was through Rearmament which created many jobs. In 1935 Hitler decided to ignore the Treaty of Versailles and started to rearm Germany. However then he introduced conscription, which increased the army by over one million mean between 1935-38. ...read more.


In order to achieve this, a 'Four Year Plan' was set up. The production of raw materials such as coal, iron, and synthetic materials were produced. New factories and industrial plants were built to do this, such as the Hermann Goering works and huge mining and metal works. However in contrast to this The Four Year Plan was quite expensive and it needed a lot of investment in industry etc. By 1939 it really didn't exceed in making Germany fully self sufficient, as over a third of its raw materials were still imported from foreign countries. It was obvious that Germany good not fulfil full self sufficiency, so then they decided another approach of taking over countries with the necessary food and raw materials, this was the policy of Lebensraum (living space). The Nazi economic and feign policy had begun to overlap. As Hitler was trying to make Germany the major power again. He was also helping people such as the Farmers and business people. He told the Farmers that they were the most important group of people. However the farmers were in a major debt, but Hitler paid this of which helped them to be self sufficient as more food was produced. Small businesses also benefited as they banned all department stores due to the competition and they also closed down all major successful Jewish businesses. ?? ?? ?? ?? 'THE HISTORIAN' ...read more.

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