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The holocaust

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The holocaust happened during the Second World War for many different reasons. These include Hitler wanting to annihilate Jews from Europe, to punish the other European countries for the clauses put in place through the treaty of Versailles. Anti- Semitism, the religious and racial prejudice against the Jews, led to the "final solution." This was the name of the Nazis' plan to kill all the Jews of Europe. It was carried out mainly by mobile killing squads and in ghettos, concentration camp and death camps. Anti-Semitism towards Jews has been around for hundreds of years dating back to even before 1500 but one of the earliest written views on Jews was written by a German monk called Martin Luther this source below shows that the Jew has been victimized through out history because of their beliefs and how they chose to live. Martin Luther was a German monk. His views on Jews written in 1543 were shared by many Christians "The Jews are nothing but thieves and robbers and everything which they eat or wear has been stolen from us. Thus they live from day to day together with wife and child, by theft and robbery. We let them get rich on our sweat and blood, while we remain poor and they suck the marrow from our bones. ...read more.


"Only constant repetition will succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of a crowd." In his speeches Hitler would repeat words like "smash", "ruthless" and "Hatred" until the crowd had no other thoughts in their minds. The posters produced by Hitler's Nazi party would repeat the same few ideas. Propaganda does not have to be true to be believed. Hitler worked on the principle that, "When you lie, tell big lies." Hitler's Germany already had a ministry of propaganda. By 1937 the ministry had a budget of 55.3 million Reich marks to spend on propaganda. In addition, the German foreign ministry spent 49.4 million Reich marks on propaganda aboard. The Einsayzgruppen was a secret German force whose job it was to round up and kill the Jews and other undesirables. To get rid of the Jews (to kill them) they would line them up in front of a pit/trench which the Jews themselves had dug then shot them so that they fell into the pit then the bodies were covered in lime- water and then had soil thrown on top till you would be able to tell where the graves were. The Germans forced the Jews to dig the pits/trenches which turned into their own graves. ...read more.


When they were all dead the chamber was vented then nazi soldiers would come in and put all of the bodies on to a lift which went up to the crematoria where the fire was always on through the amount of bodies being burned. The ashes from the bodies were then used as land fill. The gassing process 1. Separation into Fit / healthy + Sick Worked to death or finally gassed Gassed immediately 2. Taken to the shower room and gassed using Cyclone b 3. Bodies cremated and ashes dumped Those who weren't gassed were worked to death in slave labor they were forced to work in building factories were the usual life expectancy for the concentration camps was 2-3 months. The final solution was put in place by families told that they were going to stay together to avoid panic and confusion and basically to keep the Jews under control. This show how focused the Nazis were on destroying the Jewish population and all other undesirables from Europe I also think that if they hadn't have been so focused on destroying the Jewish communities and more focused on the war then the may have won and then they could have dealt with the Jews accordingly but they were more focused on destroying Jews than wining the war so they were bound to fail. ...read more.

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