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The slave trade essay

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The Slave Trade -Essay The slave trade took place between 1600-1800. It was a very big part of the British history. The Slave trade changed Britain and West Africa a great deal. Both nations people were affected by the trade some in a good way and some in not such a good way. The rights and freedom of Black people were seized away from them. In 1800 Britain had three major colonies Canada, India, and Australia. The most valuable colony was India this was because India produced many raw materials which Britain did not produce. Britain forced their colonies to export materials to them, Britain then imported them, mage them into products and then exported them to other countries. This was the beginning of the trade. Britain made huge profits by doing this. Liverpool, Bristol, and London were the main cities in which the trading took place. Ships were built here many people had to load and unload cargo of the ships. A vast majority of people worked at these ports. Once all the ships had been loaded with the materials, food would be loaded on. After the Napoleonic war in France Britain's role in the slave trade increased. Britain then started to transport 60% of the slaves. ...read more.


The slaves were told to work on a plantation which was land bought by the Europeans, on these plantations grew tobacco, rice, and sugar cane. Slaves were in the field from sunset to sunrise. Men and women worked equal amounts. Pregnant women were told to work until their baby was born. The West Indies made immense amounts of profit by doing this was because they were making slaves work on fields for no money. The raw materials produced were then sent to Britain to be manufactured. The slave trade was known as the triangular trade. Many white British and Europeans were in favour of the slave trade. Britain only supported the slave trade because they were making vast amounts amount of money by trading. This was because the goods that the brought from West Africa were sold to other countries for a higher price. If Britain stopped trading the slave trade would stop because Britain transported 60% of the slaves. The only reason slaves were traded in West Africa was that West Africa was a poor country. The chiefs in West Africa wanted more power and riches and by trading they were gaining this power and riches. ...read more.


Some women slaves had 15 children they were told that if they had children they would be freed and would not have to work as we know this was not true. The trading was with other countries so many people learnt new skills. The long term effects of the slave trade were that the population of the Black Africans decreased this meant there were less workers working in Africa. Another effect was on Britain which was that the profit made by the slave trade changed the way Britain was it had become more of an Industrial site. A long term effect on the West Indies was that the population increase because of all the Black slaves coming into the country. The slave trade changed many peoples lives especially the people that were captured to become slaves. The slave trade enforced segregation to happen in many parts of Africa. All people should be treated the same it shouldn't make a difference because of what your skin colour is. I don't think that the slave trade was a fair thing to do to get money. African people should not have had to suffer just because some people thought it was okay to trade in humans. ...read more.

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