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The Treaty of Versailles. How was Germany treated?

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The Treaty of Versailles 1. The allied leaders disagreed about how Germany should be treated because they all wanted different outcomes from the meetings. Georges Clemenceau wanted Germany to be weak, because France shared a long land border with Germany. France was wary of further attacks. Clemenceau also wanted two provinces called Alsace and Lorraine back. These were originally owned by France but lost in previous wars with Germany. Woodrow Wilson wanted to make Europe a more peaceful place, so that America would not have to intervene again. Hence he did not want Germany to be treated as harshly as Clemenceau wanted. David Lloyd-George wanted Germany to be punished but was wary that if Germany was treated too harshly then they may be inclined to rebel. ...read more.


d) The clause that made Germany lose her overseas colonies appears to be driven by the fact that the allies did not want Germany to have overseas support. e) Union with Austria was banned so that the two nations could not team up again and repeat their actions during World War 1. f) The clause that meant the German army was limited to 100,000 men was put in so that they did not have enough manpower to invade neighbouring countries, but they still had enough men to keep internal peace. g) They were not permitted to have an air force so that they could no longer bomb Britain or any other country by air. ...read more.


4. I think the treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany because some of the clauses especially the war guilt clause and the reparations clause went overboard. The 6600 million pounds would have taken them over 60 years to repay. 5. I think that Georges Clemenceau would have been happiest with the treaty of Versailles because France regained 2 of the provinces it had lost previously and Germany was left too weak to invade again: both of which are what he wanted. 6. The Germans accepted the treaty because if they hadn't, the allies may have invaded and captured Germany. 7. If the allies had imposed a too harsh treaty on Germany, the Germans would have rebelled and possibly have started another war immediately. By Rishi Sankar Lee 10 ...read more.

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