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The Weimar government

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The Weimar government This essay will emphasize on the problems faced by the people of Germany, these problems mainly rose between 1919 and 1923. The Weimar government was democratically elected when the Kaiser decided to flee. One major problem that was faced was the Hyper inflation. Since The Treaty demanded �6.6 million the Government decided to print more money; this was a mistake. As more money was printed and The Ruhr was invaded the German people were losing out economically- people earned large amounts of money which weren't even able to buy them bread. As months went of the money kept becoming more and more worthless and it came to the point where money was burnt and vital things like nutrition were valueless. This crisis was blamed on the Weimar Government as the people strongly disagreed with the treaty yet the Government still agreed to sign it. ...read more.


This links to Hyperinflation as the Ruhr being invaded lead to Germany not making enough money therefore more money had to be printed; invasion of the Ruhr is a cause of Hyperinflation. Furthermore the invasion relates to the Treaty as it is because of the Treaty's demand that the Ruhr got invaded. Also the political violence made it harder for the Government to operate as there were accusations that because of the Governments decisions which were 'not agreed to by the public' all the other problems occurred. However weather political violence existed or not it would not have a key impact on the other problems. The political violence was a way to find someone to blame for the 'loss' in the war and the people who were involved in these violent demonstrations blamed the Government. ...read more.


The treaty triggered the country to turn on the Government which soon lost support and had many rivals. Furthermore the Government was seen as the ones to blame for all the drama whereas no one looked outside the box, no one realised that if the treaty didn't exist Germany would have been a peaceful and well run Country. What's more the treaty was a trigger and cause to world war 2- as seen in many comics (eg Peace and future cannon fodder). As you can see the little boy is weeping with the treaty next to him and he is thinking of 1940 which is when he is going to be older. The three men appear to represent Georges Clemerau, David Lloyd George and Woodrow Wilson. The boy seems to be a representation of young Hitler when he first thinks to fight for his country. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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