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Truman & Cold War

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Using the sources and your own knowledge, assess to the extent to which the policies and attitudes of President Truman helped cause the Cold War. The impact of the Second World War can be seen as the earliest cause of the Cold War. Germany and Japan had been defeated and had suffered considerable economic damage. France and Italy had also suffered economically and The British empire was in rapid decline as a world power. This left two superpowers; The US and The USSR, both with ideological differences. What occurred in Eastern Europe certainly contributed to the causes of the Cold War. The Soviets had agreed to have free and fair elections run in East Europe, however they rigged the elections so they could set up friendly communist states on their border. ...read more.


The Berlin Blockade escalated the tensions between the east and west. Stalin blocked off West Berlin by cutting road and rail links. Due to the blockade West Berlin had no food supplies for thirty-five days. Stalin thought that if he blocked off West Berlin, the West will give it up and surrender it to him, however this was a very bold move from the leader of the communist superpower, as he knew that the West may have to intervene militarily if they didn't want to give up West Berlin, which would lead to a military war between the two superpowers. Truman however did not want to give up West Berlin to the Soviets, however time was running out, Truman had to make a decision otherwise the people of West Berlin would starve to death. ...read more.


The Truman Doctrine was a proclamation by President Truman stating that the US would support Greece and Turkey militarily and financially to prevent them from falling under Soviet Control. Source F is A 'Punch' Cartoon that shows the Truman Doctrine in a cartoon form. The Source shows Stalin throwing countries of Eastern Europe into a carriage, which suggests that Stalin is very aggressive and gives the impression that Stalin is forcing the Eastern European countries to be communist. On the other hand the source also shows Truman looking very friendly and welcoming, inside his carriage are the countries of Greece and Turkey. This policy of Truman's was on the harsher side of containment and possibly halted the spread of Communism towards the West, however some historians believe that this then therefore triggered the spread of Communism into the far east. ...read more.

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