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Was the Black Death the most important cause of the Peasants Revolt?

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Teni Odukomaiya 7F History Saturday, 18 February 2012 Was the Black Death the most important cause of the Peasants? Revolt? There are many causes of the Peasants? Revolt but I don?t think the Black Death was the most important cause of it. I think most of the causes have something to do with money and I wouldn?t be surprised if the most important cause did have something to do with money. The Black Death killed many people and many of them were peasants. The peasants that survived may have had to work harder due to the fact that the other peasants weren?t able to work for the Landowners and they probably would not have been given higher wages. This may have been a little cause of the Peasants? Revolt because the peasants may have been angry with the Landowners not given them higher wages and that may have been why some of the peasants rebelled. ...read more.


But other priests like John Ball were saying this view was wrong and that the peasants deserved more rewards in life. Soon after, the Archbishop of Canterbury had John Ball put in prison because he thought it was dangerous to let John Ball say such things. The peasants must have been quite angry because of this because they may have thought that John Ball may have been their only chance of a good life with rewards. Soon after the Statute of Labourers was made, Richard II (the king of that time) needed to pay money because of the war with France so introduced a poll tax which everyone had to pay. This was extremely unfair for the peasants because they were poor so did not have enough money to pay the tax. ...read more.


higher wages, many peasants may have started agreeing with him and started protesting that they needed higher wages but then came along the poll tax. The peasants may have gotten quite angry with the poll tax because many of them wouldn?t have been able to pay the tax and if they had a wife they would have had to pay for her too. Some of them would have thought the poll tax was very unfair because the rich people would easily be able to pay the tax and the peasants wouldn?t be able to pay the tax that easily. I don?t think the Black Death was the most important cause of the Peasants? Revolt because even though the Black Death really changed England, I don?t think it really made the peasants that angry. I think the Black Death was a cause of the Peasants? Revolt, but not the most important. ...read more.

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