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When Did Hitler Authorise The Undertaking of The Final Solution.

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When Did Hitler Authorise The Undertaking of The Final Solution Given that documentation is scarce the question when did Hitler authorise the final solution will be a tough one to answer. The vast majority believe that Hitler initiated the holocaust, nothing so radical could have been passes without his knowledge. However, the questions to address are when did the final solution being and when did Hitler authorise it. To answer the second we must put a date to the first question. This essay will take the stance that the final solution started with operation Barbarossa, the 1st step on the way to the systematic killing of the Jews. This essay will attempt to date at what point Hitler gave his authorisation to start tackling the Jewish problem on a mass scale. Hitler was driven by lust for living space (Lebensraum) and natural resources in the East, and by his determination to smash Jewish Communism once and for all. Thus On June 22,1941, German troops invaded the USSR. The Einstazgruppen were the effective method within Russia for killing the Jews. They entered Jewish towns and rounded up and shot the communist leaders and Jews. ...read more.


By now the German armed forces were involved too. The army willing carried out orders to cleanse Russia of all Jews. Again were the army acting under orders of Hitler and were they just facilitating the Russian effort or were they under a specific order to kill solely the Jews. From this stemmed the idea of killing all European Jews however organisation was the key and did Hitler authorise the undertaking of the European Jew policy or was his officials working under initiative. A conference was called in 1942 to organise the methods that the Germans were to use to rid Europe of al its Jews. The conference at Wannsee was attended by many Nazi officials. In 90 minutes the officials s had formulated procedure by where 11 million Jews would be 'resettled'. Taken by Adolf Eichmann, the minutes of this conference are one of the most important documents recorded on the planning and organization of the murder of European Jewry by the Nazi regime The minutes detail the decision, taken at Wannsee, to eliminate all Jews from Europe through a combination of "evacuation, deportation to the camps, liquidation, and ghettoization." ." The Wannsee Conference is a horrifying document and ultimately six million Jews were to fall victim to the plans. ...read more.


On analysis of all the evidence presented for the steps to the systematic annihilation of the Jews it's hard to decide when Hitler did actually authorise the final solution. It seems at each stage Hitler could have known and made it happen for example the decision to kill all Russian Jews would seem to have been an order of Hitler. However, we must take into account that Germany is a very large country and its inhabitants are numerous and not all can be controlled by one man and so we have to look to the functionalist view of Hitler and say that he may not have known what was going on. However one must come to a conclusion and it is this... that Hitler had in his mindset from that very being the intention of killing all Jews. The problem came when a decision needed to be made on when to do it. However after seeing the success that the Einstazgruppen were having in Russia Hitler authorised the final solution, what involvement he had after that may have been minimal but his authorisation was all the officials needed to work then on their own initiative. However one question still remains could Hitler have carried out such a huge scale attack in such a huge country without the initiative of others? ...read more.

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