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Which country contributed the most to Napoleon's downfall?

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I think the Russia played the biggest part in Napoleons downfall.Russian and England where the only coutrhat Napoleon could not capture. Although unlike Britain, where he could take over but he had other problems, Russia was a difficult country to control, it was too big. The cold was also a problem for Napoleon as nearly all of his men were dead or dieing from the cold. This meant that he wasn't as greater force and therefore the alliance of Britain, Spain and Russia were able to defeat him. ...read more.


Whenever he wanted to take over he had to go through the channel- mainly controlled by the British. Whenever he got the right type of weather and tide, something always brought him away, like Russia or Spain. As a result of not invading Britain he was brought down from three different directions; North, South and East. He couldn't split his army up and he therefore lost. The country that had the smallest impact on Napoleon's fall from power was Spain. ...read more.


I do not agree with this statement because, even if the Spanish did start all the fighting, then what did they do in it, how did they get involved. They have a relatively small army and couldn't bring down the might of France. It was the British and the Russian army that won the war. For that reason, I feel that the country that played the biggest role in Napoleons defeat was Russia, but without the help of Britain and its money or Spain and its desire then I think that the win for the Alliance couldn't have happened. ?? ?? ?? ?? H/w 05/07/2010 By Andrew Pilgrim 9A ...read more.

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