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Why did the Murder of Franz Ferdinand lead to the outbreak of a major European war within six week's?

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Why did the Murder of Franz Ferdinand lead to the outbreak of a major European war within six week's? It's the early 19th century and problems are erupting all over Europe. France has just finished a war with Prussia in which it was defeated and tempers are running high. Germany has taken a piece of Eastern France named Alsace Lorraine and France wants revenge. France has been very humiliated and is now building up its alliances. The first of these was the Dual entente; an agreement between France and Russia signed in 1894. Next the French built an alliance with Britian, this was named the entente cordiale, and Together France and its allies formed the Triple Entente. France was secure, in the event of another war it would be backed up by its allies. By this time Germany was seen as a huge threat throughout Europe. Kaiser Wilhelm II has come to the throne of Germany. Germany has only just become a united country and Kaiser Wilhelm II believes that he has a lot to prove. ...read more.


This deeply aggravated Serbia and of course their close ally Russia. Austria- Hungary has a huge empire with an aged leader. Franz Ferdinand the heir was the leaders Nephew. Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on the 28th of June 1914. He was on a tour around Sarajevo, the Capital City of Bosnia, Austria-Hungary's new annex. Franz Ferdinand was killed along with his wife by a group of Serb nationals called 'The Black Hand'; they were terrorists funded by the Serbian government. The Black Hand's members included important and influential people such as army generals and government officials. The Black Hand recruited a group of men to carry out the assassination. They were all Bosnians who hated the Austria- Hungary empire and distrusted it's leaders. The young man who eventually carried out the assassination was named 'Gavrilo Princip' Gavrilo Princip was dying of a nasty, untreatable illness called Tuberculosis. He knew that he was dying and had nothing to lose by assassinating the ArchDuke. The young men recruited to carry out the assassination were supplied with guns, bombs and cyanide. ...read more.


Kaiser Willhelm II replied quickly. Kaiser Willhelm II told Austria-Hungary that they would support them in the case of war. Kaiser Willhelm II also wanted a war. Germany wanted to show the world how great the country had become. The war, soon to become world war one started very soon. First Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Then the Russian army mobilized. Due to this Germany declared war on Russia, then later France and Belgium. Because Britian protected Belgium, Britian declared war on Germany. Then Austria- Hungary declared war on Russia. Finally on August 12th 1914 France and Britian declared war on Austria-Hungary. I think the reason that world war one started so quickly was because all the country's involved had old scores to settle. Problems had been getting worse for a long time. The alliances in Europe actually helped to keep peace rather than destroy it. If it weren't for the alliances there would have been a major war before 1914. Germany had been threatening countries in Europe for many years before the war and Serbia was always going to retaliate over the annexing of Bosnia. The war was inevitable. By Charlotte Brown 9f ...read more.

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