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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 3077

A Design Specification for an ICT System Introduction Going places is one of the biggest travel agents in the UK.

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2C - A Design Specification for an ICT System Introduction Going places is one of the biggest travel agents in the UK. When thinking of a way to allow customers to book holidays themselves, they came up with the idea for a new self-service kiosk to be situated in-store. Customers using this innovative system need to be able to view various holidays, search for ones they are interested in, and book holidays once they have decided on the deal they want. This would be particularly convenient for staff as they would not need to speak to individual customers using this method. At present, the only way to view existing holidays is to browse the cards displayed in the shop window. Brochures are also available, however, that contain information about holidays, but essentially all clients need to speak to a travel agent to arrange a holiday. Going Places' new system needs to permit customers to: * Browse holidays currently on offer * Search for holidays matching their requirements * Receive a letter in order to confirm their holiday * details Going Places staff need to be able to use this system to update users and holidays, but also to search and browse holidays and users. In this piece of coursework I will be exploring how a database can be created to suit all of Going Places' needs. I will plan a database that they could use for their new self-service kiosks. Going Places offer a range of high-quality holidays. They are available to the public at reasonable prices, with all sorts of deals depending on the destination you want to visit, and the number of people going on holiday. They are a very successful company, and are one of Britain's most popular travel agents. Some of their competitors are 'Thomas Cook', another travel agent that is doing well, and offers similar products to Going Places, and 'Virgin Holidays', another successful company. ...read more.


Sun Duration Text 10 Length of time the holiday lasts. 2 weeks Star Rating Number 1 Holiday rating out of 5 4 Date Text 15 Date of departure. 10th August Table Name Field Name Data Type Field Length Comments Example of Data Enquiry Enquiry ID Autonumber - ID of the enquiry. 6648300 Customer ID Autonumber - ID of the customer. 2166533 Holiday ID Autonumber - ID of the holiday. 7644564 Would you like to receive updates by phone? Yes/No - Whether the customer wants to receive calls from Going Places. No Comments Text 50 Any comments the customer might have. Hotel preferably with swimming pool. Would you like to receive updates by email? Yes/No - Whether the customer wants to receive emails from Going Places. Yes Inputs, Processes and Outputs Input Process Output Input Forms Information can be inputted into the database using the following input forms: This is the form for customers to enter their personal information. This is the form for staff to enter holiday details. http://www.goingplaces.co.uk/ Feb 2008 This is the form for customers to enter their enquiry details. Query Designs There are many queries, which are very useful for when customers wish to search for a particular holiday, that could be performed using my database. For instance: Query 1: 'Show me all the holidays in Spain'. Tables: Holiday. The holiday table needs to be searched to find relevant results. Fields: Country, City, Hotel. All these fields can be searched to find a holiday that would fit the bill. Criteria: 'Spain'. This will be queried in the appropriate fields Results should be presented in ascending order based on either price or star rating. They can be put into a report for the customer to view or print. Query 2: 'Show me all family holidays in Spain or Portugal'. Tables: Holiday. Fields: Country, City, Hotel, Type of Holiday Criteria: 'Spain', 'Portugal', 'Family holiday' Results should be presented in ascending order based on either price or star rating. ...read more.


ID: Enter a Valid Enquiry ID 6038029 6038029 T42 Enquiry ID: Enter an Invalid Enquiry ID #~'#;lljebutas Error Message T43 Customer ID: Enter a Valid Customer ID 1047528 1047528 T44 Customer ID: Enter an Invalid Customer ID HHasEllepqp9acfde Error Message T45 Holiday ID: Enter a Valid Holiday ID 7293847 7293847 T46 Holiday ID: Enter an Invalid Holiday ID '6pos6m6566trophe6' Error Message T47 Please email: Enter Valid email jack.remi@kalil.com jack.remi@kalil.com T48 Please email: Enter Invalid email hnssdYt45gh''# Error Message T49 Please phone: Enter valid number 01593 837221 01593 837221 T50 Please phone: Enter Invalid number {{}{{ukik)'?? Error Message T51 Comments: Enter a valid comment We had a great time, thanks Going Places! We had a great time, thanks Going Places! T52 Comments: Enter an Invalid comment @''';356#l][='@ Error Message T53 Would you like to receive updates by email?: Select Valid 'no' No No T54 Would you like to receive updates by email?: Select Invalidnothing Error Message Reports I need to make sure that all my reports look professional. To do this I will guarantee that all the correct data is taken out of my database. There will be no duplicate information or incorrect spacing, such as column widths not making sense, and everything will be spelled correctly. Mail Merge Letter The mail merge letter must also look professional as well as friendly. Spacing needs to be right, again, as well as all the spelling. The information from the database (highlighted in the letter) must also be correct, with no duplicate information. Project Plan Date (2 periods - 100mins) 18.02.2008 Homework 25.02.2008 Homework 03.03.2008 Homework 10.03.2008 Homework 17.03.2008 Homework 07.04.2008 Homework 14.04.2008 Homework Tasks Create Database Create all 3 Tables Enter Fields Enter Data Types Enter Field Lengths Enter Customer Records Enter Holiday Records Test Database Tables Creat Input Forms Test Input Forms and Add Data Create Queries Create Query Test Create Reports Customize Reports Test Reports Create Mail Merge Letter Test Mail Merge Letter ?? ?? ?? ?? AGCSE ICT Unit 2c - 1 - ...read more.

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