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A New System For an Estate Agent

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Description of problem The aim for this course work is to design a new system for an estate agent called Folly's agents. The database will be designed to hold information about the properties such as number of bedrooms, garden size, price etc. Currently the company is using a filing cabinet to keep the current data, this takes up a lot of space and it is hard for the workers to access or amend the information. I will need to design a solution for this problem, my system has to be fast and easy to use, the information should be clear and easy to change. I will need to find out how the workers are currently using their system and I will need to see if the new one will be easier and faster. Investigation I arranged to meet the owner of Folly's agents, so that I could find out how they keep their files and records at this present moment. I want to see how they change, search or add any information. I want to know what they need for their system. Feasibility study Advantages � Computers are very accurate. � Computers can work continuously 24 hours a day. � Less paperwork involved, it is all stored and easily accessible from the computer. � Low risk of data being erased as it can be stored on various backups. � Not a lot of energy is needed to get data, this saves time and is efficient. � Data can easily be presented in tables, graphs etc. � Changes and corrections can be performed at the touch of a button. � Validation check minimises the chance of any errors. Disadvantages � The hardware and software can be very expensive. � Employees will need to be trained regarding usage of the computer. � If the computer crashes or there is a power cut, access to data in the computer is lost. ...read more.


Graphics - This package can be used to design illustrations, drawings and logos , and it is also used to modify pictures, photographs or animations. In this package there is a wide range of colours, shapes and lines. This type of package is used to create cartoon animations, produce computer games, design logos and creates pictures. The drawing can be printed out or a collection of these can make a movie. Database - This is a collection of data organised for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorised users. The data may be in the form of text, numbers, or encoded graphics. Originally devoted largely to the sciences, these automated databases now embrace a comprehensive array of subject fields. The cost of these searches, whether covered by the library or the patron, is often offset by the great efficiency of the searches, especially in contrast to earlier methods of manual searching through multiple printed sources. This work also represents a partnership of the for-profit private sector with the public library community. In effect, it is another form of library networking. Relational Databases in computer science are types of databases or database management systems that store information in tables-rows and columns of data-and conducts searches by using data in specified columns of one table to find additional data in another table. In a relational database, the rows of a table represent records (collections of information about separate items) and the columns represent fields (particular attributes of a record). In conducting searches, a relational database matches information from a field in one table with information in a corresponding field of another table to produce a third table that combines requested data from both tables. In my research I discovered that using a database was the ideal application for my system because it enables me to store data easily, to create forms and records, its more efficient, cost effective, saves space and is time effective. ...read more.


Evaluation of Solution When I first investigated this project I decided that I should evaluate the system by comparing it to the following points: � If it works properly � Whether it is organised or not � It must be able to save data � It had to be accurate � Must be faster than the previous method � The system has to be easy to use. � The system has to be easy to search. The testing shows that the system works correctly, as I tried with several different things and it always gave me the correct answers. My system took around half a minute to add a new entry and the same task took quite a few minutes to add a new entry with the old manual system, and the records in the manual system can easily be misplaced. However, my system does not find customers if their names have been typed incorrectly. Even though I expected this to happen it did not cause any confusion or problems. Therefore I find that spell checkers very efficient which find close suggestions to the one typed out. The Estate agent is booming now, all the workers have easy tasks, the owners are saving money and the customers get what the want efficiently and quickly. The owner was delighted, as this was what his business needed, the staff do not have to go through a lot of file and record to find some information. Due to the above explanations I think that my system is user friendly and easy to use, this is what the company required and has been provided. The people who are going to use the system are happy and have been trained to use the system and are building the system with all the data about the properties they are agents for. It has become easier for them to amend any data, this will mean that the information in the database will be up to date and the customers will have all the latest information. ...read more.

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