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A report about Internet/intranet and server requirements

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A report about Internet/intranet and server requirements The internet server An Internet server delivers WebPages to computers via a telephone or broadband connection called a dial up connection. This can be done to computers anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the internet. An internet server has something called DNS enabling. This allows a website to be found from that websites own server e.g. when someone types www.microsoft.com, the website is associated to Microsoft server so the website is delivered to your computer screen. The Intranet Server The intranet server is similar to the internet server as it delivers WebPages to computers however it is for LAN (local area networks). ...read more.


cannot connect to the network. Ways of connected to the internet 1. Dial up modem-mainly used at home, works by dialing a telephone number of an internet server and connects via that. Standard connection is 56kb. This means it sends 56,000 bits per second. 2. LAN-Delivers the internet to a network of computers via a proxy server. The proxy server connects to the internet and delivers the internet to all the connected computers in a local area network. 3. ISDN (integrated services digital network)-a telephone connection that is designed to deliver digital information for computers but also can deliver audio signals for telephone conversations. ...read more.


Of course all of these can be expanded dependent on the users needs. Also it depends on how many users are on the network. The more users, the faster the server will be required to allow a good internet connection. How to connect to the internet For home pc's connecting on a dial up connection, its just a case of following the instructions. Simply double click the internet explorer icon either on the desktop or in the start menu and that will prompt you to connect to the internet. This will be done with a dial up sound. For broadband users, the system is always connected to the internet so when double clicking the internet explorer icon, the page will immediately show the home page selected by the user I.e. msn.com or google.com ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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