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A02 Implementation Commentary

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A02 - Implementation Commentary I split the design problem into a number of different sections, which are explained: Analysis of Problem The Analysis of Problem is when the problem is recognised. Design of Solution The Design of Solution is when everything from the Analysis is taken into account, and an appropriate solution is drawn up. Implementation The Implementation is when the Design is transferred into a real thing e.g. the touch screen presentation. Testing This is where the solution is examined to find any faults or spelling/grammar errors. At this stage, any changes are made to the system. Evaluation This is where the final system is evaluated, and any things hat would be done differently next time are mentioned but not carried out. There are various different inputs, processes and outputs which I had to control to make my presentation. These are very important to be able to make the foundations to the main presentation: Inputs All the data that was input was: * The NHS logo which I copied from a website. ...read more.


After data has been inputted and checks have been made to ensure it is correct, the presentation needs to be stored safely so that changes are not made accidentally. The system needs to be stored on a password-locked server which can only be accessed by the vital few people who run it. This means that someone inexperienced cannot have access to the system and change it. Proof-reading the document to see if there were any visible mistakes, and the Spelling and Grammar checker on Microsoft checked any spelling mistakes. Storage Devices A storage device is used to save all work done by a user and to ensure that no information is lost. There are two main types of storage devices: * Read Only (ROM) - is not ever erased from the memory when the power supply is switched off i.e. turning the computer off will mean the document will still be there when it is turned back on again, all the information is permanent. This is sometimes called 'non-volatile memory'. ...read more.


I then inserted a text box and wrote in the information; I decided to make the background of the text white to ensure it could be read easily. Headings were then inserted, as were the relevant pictures. My presentation went well, but some changes had to be made on the way. When I first produced it, there was barely any colour on it, and it was not very attractive to look at. Inserting a background picture into the presentation, which made it look a lot better to look at, rectified this. There was various spelling and grammar mistakes on the presentation, and using the Spell Checker helped this. There was no colour on the heading of the Opening Times table, which meant that users might get confused. I changed this by making the heading of the table yellow. Sometimes incorrect words were used: I described the staff as 'okay' but then changed that to 'good' which improves the reputation of the Health Centre. Some of the important writing did not stand out enough, so I changed the text colour to purple to help this. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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