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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2572

An I.T. System for an Estate Agent

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The aim for this coursework is to design a new system for an estate agent called Claytons. The database will be designed to hold information about the properties such as number of bedrooms, garden size and price. Currently the company is using a filing cabinet to keep the current data, this takes up a lot of space and it is hard for the workers to access or alter the information. I will need to design a solution for this problem, my system has to be fast and easy to use, and the information should be clear and easy to change. I will need to find out how the staff are currently using their system and I will need to see if the new one will be easier and faster. The company currently files away all of its documents in a cabinet which contain all the information about the houses that are for sale or rent. They're all organised by the area that they are in. If any customer asks about buying a house but doesn't specify the area but also asks for something else, all the files have to be studied to find a house meeting the information asked. If information about the area is given then it is a bit easier because only houses in that area have to be searched. Searching for the right houses can take hours because a lot of files have to be searched. ...read more.


How long have you had your own business for? Along with my brothers I have been running this business for 18 years now. What does your business involve? We collect information of properties that are for sale and when enquiries are made for properties, we search for the properties satisfying the criteria set. How do you keep a record of the properties, and how do you change the information? All the information is written on paper and is put into cabinets. The filing cabinets are sorted according to different areas, if any information needs to be changed then one of the staff will have to do it manually. What do you do when you receive an inquiry for properties? This depends on whether the area has been specified by the customer, if it has then we find the properties in that area with the required criteria. If the area hasn't been specified then all the areas have to be looked at to find a property matching that specification. This can take a lot of time and the company is losing out, we are losing customers because our service isn't up to standard and at the same time I have to pay the staff for all the manual work they have to carry out. What advantages do you think the system will have? The system will be very useful to my company because I will be able to find properties matching the set criteria very easily, the information will be up to date because it is easy to update. ...read more.


* The system has to be easy to search. The testing shows that the system works correctly, as I tried with several different things and it always gave me the correct answers. My system took around half a minute to add a new entry and the same task took quite a few minutes to add a new entry with the old manual system, and the records in the manual system can easily be misplaced. However, my system does not find customers if their names have been typed incorrectly. Even though I expected this to happen it did not cause any confusion or problems. Therefore I find that spell checkers very efficient which find close suggestions to the one typed out. The Estate agent is booming now, all the workers have easy tasks, the owners are saving money and the customers get what the want efficiently and quickly. The owner was delighted, as this was what his business needed, the staff do not have to go through a lot of file and record to find some information. Due to the above explanations I think that my system is user friendly and easy to use, this is what the company required and has been provided. The people who are going to use the system are happy and have been trained to use the system and are building the system with all the data about the properties they are agents for. It has become easier for them to amend any data, this will mean that the information in the database will be up to date and the customers will have all the latest information. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE ICT Systems and Application section.

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