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Choice of software

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2.2 Choice of Software In this section I am going to explain the software choices I have made for each task. I compared Microsoft access, Microsoft excel and the current system, to see the advantages of both programs. The following comparison table shows the functions required (taken from 'Desired outcomes and performance criteria') and the software compatibility for each task. Function Approach MS Access MS Excel Current System the system will show all detail of current monthly contract ? ? the system will allow customers details can be added and deleted as necessary ? ? the system will produce a unique customer reference number ? the system will match customer detail with product preference ?? the system will give a running total of profit/loss balance ? ...read more.


Microsoft access does not have the sum function and would be inappropriate to use for this task. The decision is made to use Microsoft excel for task 1. ? Task 2 - setting up a database to record customer details and to alert when direct debit payments are due from monthly contract customers. From the table Microsoft access is the best option for this task as a lot of information can be stored and data can be input, searched and sorted quickly and easily. The query function is available in Microsoft access but not in Microsoft excel and as this is a vital function, excel will not be suitable for this task. Microsoft access allows different queries to be made using the same parameter. ...read more.


The ability to link databases, to do query searches and to flag up low stock reminders is vital for this task and these functions cannot be managed by Microsoft excel. Microsoft access allows different queries to be made using the same parameter. By inputting different product types into the parameter value box, all the products details for that brand should be flagged up. Microsoft access is reusable and allows data to be carried to other databases and applications (mail merge). The decision is made to use Microsoft access for task 3. ? Current system - paper records. Mail merge - the personal details in the task 2 database and product preference in the task 3 database can be linked together and then linked with mail merge so that Asia Talk can send bulk letters to customers. Customers can be informed of special deals, events or new product releases. This feature is only available with Microsoft access. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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