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Computer Crime and the Law.

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Computer Crime and the Law (Covers Chapters 10-11 Heathcote) Crimes and abuse New technologies = new opportunities for crime The Internet is used by: > Fraudulent traders > Paedophiles > Software pirates > terrorists Task: For each of the above give an example of how the Internet is used > Fraudulent traders-The trader uses the internet to take money off customers. The buyer pays money and expects a product or a download, but instead get a persistant fault, which means the software arrives scrambled or it is not transmitted at all. > Paedophiles-Use chat rooms, or other ways of sending messages, (e.g. hotmail), to talk to young children, and pretend they are their age. > Software pirates-People can download priate copy software, games, music and new films off the intenet. > Terrorists-Terrorists use the internet to email one another, or to make websites about their terrorists acts, to attract more terrorists. There are other crimes that can be committed in the IT world: > Hacking > Planting viruses > Theft of money > Theft of data > Software piracy Task: use the internet to research into the meanings of each of the above crimes and for each, give a description and an example. ...read more.


The requisite intent is intent to cause a modification and by so doing: 1. To impair the operation of any computer 2. To prevent or hinder access to any program or data 3. To impair the operation of any program or reliability of any data The maximum sentence for the offence under this section of the Act is 5 years imprisonment Activity: Doyle page 59 Case Your decision and reason 1 Miss Kendrick is inocent and should not be prosecuted under the act, because she is not intending to cause damage to data, as she does not know what she is doing, and is a beginner 2 John Jackson will be guilty under section two of the Act, as he is getting someone else to do the offence, and will be imprisoned a maximum of 5 years. 3 Susan Hughes is guilty under the section three of the act and may be sacked, and get up to 6years improsonment. She is guilty as she has knowingly accessed the system, and made changes to data and files, making them false and unreliable. 4 Rachel Smith is guilty under section three of the act, as she has caused the unauthorised modification to the contents of the computer. ...read more.


Two of the disks will be at the main computer centre, so that in the event of one disk drive failing, the data is safe on the other drive until the problem is fixed. > Periodic Backups-This is making daily backups of all data files. Data is transferred, sometimes overnight, to a backup tape or disk and the backup copy is stored in a fireproof safe. An example of a company that provides backup, is America's biggest backup provide, @Backup > Backing up laptop data-The NetStore Group provides a backup service called PCRefresh, which for a monthly fee backs up any changed files on a laptop automatically every day. 2. What are the different types of configuration options that are typically available with anti virus software Issues surrounding the Internet Some problems can be: > External hackers > Employees making inappropriate use of email > Pupils being exposed to inappropriate materials Suggest some of the measures or procedures that can be adopted to ensure to some extent that the internet is used appropriately. These can include businesses and schools. Organisations and business, schools and colleges set up their own-wide internet. This provides the same facilities as the internet like browsing software and e-mailing facilinties. Firewalls are used to control security and control the access to the internet. This is used in schools to stop pupils downloading unsuitable material. Kam Bains ...read more.

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