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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 4513

EnVisage.Com - case study.

Extracts from this document...


EnVisage.Com For Women By Women Mission Statement EnVisage.Com aims to be a worldwide leader in the online fashion retailing industry with the unique factor of integrating Eastern influences into Western fashions. Our mission is to improve continually our product lines and to maintain high quality standards at affordable prices. How we aim to accomplish our mission itself is fundamental to the anticipated success of our company through the following basic values: PRODUCTS: Our products will be the end result of our collaborated efforts, and they should be the best in serving customers worldwide. PEOPLE: Our people will be the source of our strength and innovation. Teamwork and involvement are our core human values. PERFORMANCE: Our performance will be measured primarily in terms of sales revenue, which will indicate how efficiently customer's expectations are met, although sufficient profits will also be important for both survival and growth. Introduction to the Company EnVisage.Com is an Internet based retailing unit, creating a fashion portal for women by women. We endeavor to provide exclusive high quality designs targeting the youth of today and tomorrow at accessible prices. This line of clothing will collaborate the rich Eastern authenticity with bold Western styles. The future of EnVisage.Com holds potential for expansion in the form of opening up retail units in areas where demand will be high. Owners & Directors Shada Parveen - Sales & Marketing Director Brief description of job role: * Will deal with the day to day sales made via the Internet * Will be in charge of maintaining the web site * Will monitor the sites effectiveness * Will deal with all advertising and promotion via the web and traditional advertising Saima Qayum - Operations & Distributions Director * Will supervise the in-house fashion designer * Will deal with suppliers abroad * Will be in charge of and deal with distribution (sending goods to customers) * Will deal with inbound and outbound logistics and procurement Asmat Raza - Financial Director (Managing Partner) ...read more.


8. Aesthetic and minimalist design: Dialogues should not contain information which is irrelevant or rarely needed. Every extra unit of information in a dialogue competes with the relevant units of information and diminishes their relative visibility. 9. Help users recognise, diagnose, and recover from errors: Error messages should be expressed in plain language (no codes), precisely indicate the problem, and constructively suggest a solution. 10. Help and documentation: Even though it is better if the system can be used without documentation, it may be necessary to provide help and documentation. Any such information should be easy to search, focused on the user's task, list concrete steps to be carried out, and not be too large. The main essence of the evaluation is to identify any problems with the system and make any necessary changes and then the design phase is complete until the products need changing on the web site. Promoting the web site Banner Advertisement - a rectangular graphic displayed on a web page for the purposes of advertising. It is normally possible to perform a click-through to access further information; banners may be static or animated.11 The two main reasons for banner advertising are: * In the hope that the customer will click on the advertisement and then will be exposed to more detailed brand information on the company's web site. * All visitors to page will see an advertisement, either noting it consciously or viewing it subconsciously. This can help to establish or reinforce a brand image. Banner advertisement will be placed on the following web sites: * www.yahoo.co.uk - This is where a banner will be placed at the header of the page every day of the week for one hour (randomly selected hour of the day). The cost of this will be �289 for two weeks, this will be done once very two months for our web site. * www.masala.com - This web site is an Asian information fashion web site, to date hits have been made at least 64,000 times a week. ...read more.


ASMAT RAZA - Financial Director AGE: 27 QUALIFICATIONS: BA (Hons) Business Management & Accountancy Fully ACCA qualified EXPERIENCE: fully trained and experience in financial reporting. Also has experience of managing through a one year post graduate management training scheme with Marks & Spencers. SAIMA QAYUM - Operations & Distributions Director AGE: 26 QUALIFICATIONS: BA (Hons) Business Logistics & Management EXPERIENCE: Manager of inbound and outbound logistics for Argos for 3 Years. Prior to this have worked in a factor as a assembly manager for 2 years with FLITZ, a clothing manufacture, where I was involved in designing women's wear and in charge of quality of goods. 1 Hall, D.G, Jones, R, & Raffo, C, (1993) 'Business Studies' 2nd edition, Causeway Press Ltd, Italy. 2 Chaston, I (2001) 'E-Marketing Strategy' Mc GrawHill Book Company, Great Britain, Page 4. 3 Nua Internet How Many Online [ONLINE] http://www.nua.ie/surveys/how_many_online/ Accessed 18/12/01. Survey carried out August 2001. 4 Bikerton, P., Bikerton, M. & Pandusi, U. (1996) 'Cyber Marketing'. Oxford : Butterworth & Heinemann, Chartered Institute of Marketing Studies. 5 Sterne, J. (1999) 'World Wide Web Marketing' 2nd Edition. New York, John Wiley & Sons. 6 Anderson Consulting (1999) 'Your Choice: How eCommerce could impact Europe's furture' 7 McDonald, M. (1999) 'Strategic Marketing Planning: Theory & Practice' Oxford, Butterworth & Heinemann. p.p 50-77 8 Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., & Chadwick, F. (2000) 'Internet Marketing'. Prentice Hall, UK. p.p 206. 9 Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., & Chadwick, F. (2000) 'Internet Marketing'. Prentice Hall, UK. p.p 209 10 Nielsen, J. (1994) 'Heuristic Evaluation'. In Jakob Nielsen & Robert, L. Mack, Editors, 'Usability Inspection Methods'. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 11 Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., & Chadwick, F. (2000) 'Internet Marketing'. Prentice Hall, UK. p.p 251 12 Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., & Chadwick, F. (2000) 'Internet Marketing'. Prentice Hall, UK. p.p 268 13 Chaffey, D., Mayer, R., Johnston, K., & Chadwick, F. (2000) 'Internet Marketing'. Prentice Hall, UK. p.p 377 ...read more.

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