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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2204

Estate Agents - Problems of a paper based office.

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Estate Agents Problems of a paper based office Introduction An estate agent based in a paper-based office comes across a lot of problems. It necessary to solve these problems and try to bring the system of the basic system and improve to be more efficient and more reliable in a working area. The firm is in an area that is equally part urban and part rural. Further more because of this area people are constantly moving in and out of the town. The estate agents have asked for our help to be able to cope with this type of ever-flowing business * The employees desk may well be covered in paper work. * Obviously pieces of information are going to get lost. * Also files and information are going to be mixed. * Furthermore when you receive notice of a house that needs to be sold, the estate agents will have to make a new record for the estate agents to view details of this house. In order to help me understand the problems that an estate agent was having, I needed to understand what problems they were really struggling with so I asked with great consideration (appendix 1) Collecting data The estate agent must collect a variety of sources. ...read more.


It is economically feasible because it does not cost as much as the specialist package. Although it costs more than the microfiche, it benefits us better because it is easy to use, easy to find and is flexible. The non-specialist package also has fewer disadvantages than the specialist package and the microfiche. The non-specialist package's disadvantage is that it is not specific to the Estate Agents and it is liable to crash. It also has the most advantages out of the three. After buying the computer and certain packages, other items need to be bought. One of these items is a printer. Samsung Izzi plus Laser Printer Price inc. VAT �199.99 Is the cheapest printer that was found. Design Some of the objectives of the design phase are as follows: * To be able to access the database quickly (preferably under a minute.). * To be able to retrieve specific data using questions (preferably in less than two minutes.). * To be able to retrieve data a print out a report in under 2 minutes. Giving out data as a data capture form is a quick and easy way of collecting data. It is also easier to read if the sheet has boxes for the reader to fill by the reader using block capitals and having multi-choice questions to tick. ...read more.


font size big enough Check if it can be read You could only read part of it Made the font size smaller 4 Are all the boxes in line Check if all the boxes were in line Some of them were slanted Made them straight 5 Was there too many boxes Check if there was a lot left There was a lot left Deleted excess boxes 6 Is the database work in line with the Data capture form Compare the two Yes - 7 Are the lines at the bottom seen Check if the lines can be seen Lines were too dark Made the lines brighter 8 Was there an efficient amount information to be seen on the form Check if the information that I needed was there There was enough information - 9 Did the query work Check it worked It did work - 10 Are the box sizes the same Compare the size of the boxes Some of the boxes were bigger than others Made one box and then used Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy and paste 11 Check if there were validation rules Put in data and see if it was within the rule Some went over the validation rule and could not be entered Change the validation rules so the data could be entered BY James Greenaway 10N ...read more.

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