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Formal Report for Task3

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Formal Report for Task3 Introduction I am reporting about the documents I have produced in the run-up to the opening of El Tapas Bar, the launch of El Tapas Bar and work on documents produced after the opening of the Restaurant. I produced a variety of documents prior to the opening, including an agenda for a business meeting, minutes of the meeting, internal memos relating to the new Company. Then I produced menus for the new Restaurant, an Adult's lunchtime and evening menu, a children's lunchtime and evening menu and a specials menu for both. I produced advertisements for a Manager and a new Head Chef. I produced an article about the restaurant as though I was a food critic. I produced a newsletter as though I was the editor and writers for the Manchester Catering Guild. Findings: For each of the documents, I have initially created a template for the item, and saved it either in My Documents if I was using Word or Excel or in My Templates if I was using Publisher. ...read more.


I used Publisher because it produces professional looking documents and with features way beyond Word. I used Word for letters and for write-ups because it can be easy to use. I used Excel for its mathematical abilities. Improvements The most notable improvement was on the children's PowerPoint. Originally, I was going to use a space theme for the opening illustration but found it was too male-orientated and I changed it to Handy Manny for the boys (a Spanish handyman cartoon character) and Dora the Explorer for the girls and I asked my little brothers if they liked the children's PowerPoint and they enjoyed it. I broke down the language barrier by adding a voiceover using simple language. I changed the template for the job adverts which has helpful suggestions contained in it and then instructed to get rid of everything apart from the address and logo. After completing the template for the advert, I filled in the details which related to the a) ...read more.


Menus are intended for the customers of the Restaurant. The article is intended to attract adult readers of the newspaper it appeared in. The newsletter is intended and aimed at customers and is handed out at city-centre shops, businesses and households. The presentations are aimed at both children and adults, with separate PowerPoints for each. Conclusion and Recommendations In conclusion, there is a lot of work to do in opening a Restaurant. I'm glad it's only fictional. To complete the menus alone, took an enormous amount of time and for each document it takes time also. It has improved my IT skills and has called upon every IT skill I had and improve them considerably, and I have learnt new skills too. I intended to do this task to the best of my ability and I have put an enormous amount of time into this project, so I hope I have achieved it. I realise that I spend too much time on the work and if I had been more organised, I could have completed the work some time ago. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joe Alt Saturday, 13 November 2010 Formal Report for Task3 Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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