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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: ICT
  • Word count: 2070

Graphics Review - Unit 21 OCR

Extracts from this document...


Logo Source http://www.dettol.co.uk/home.shtml www.thestudentroom.co.uk www.aol.com http://www.microsoft.com/uk/smallbusiness/campaigns/sbpc/sbpc.mspx?xid=sbpc_PPC8&WT.srch=1 Purpose To allow recognition of the Dettol company. To allow recognition of The Student Room. To show recognition for the AOL company. To allow people to see that this is the Microsoft website 'Small Business Centre' Target Audience People buying dettol/want to know more about the Dettol website Students who want to go on the forum People who are provided a service via AOL i.e. Internet service. For people that want to find out more about Microsoft Small Businesses Suitability to purpose Suitable because 'Dettol' is written clearly with appropriate font. The blue and green contrast very well and the white 'sword' is vivid. Suitable as it is a forum, a chatting website; hence the speech bubbles surrounding each word. Different intensities of the colour blue contrast really well with the chatty, informal white font. Suitable - the name is clearly addressed in capitals, with the logo accompanying it. Straightforward, the same Microsoft logo is Portrayed through-out the site, the only thing that is changed is the subtitle of the section (Small Business Specialist). Impact Hard to miss. Thick white outlining makes the name stand out. Use of speech bubbles detonates that is a forum. The size of the bubble is dependant on the word. Very good. The same colour is pertinent, different intensities are used to give different contrasts. Symbolising the sea of the internet. White, bold outlining clearly marks The Microsoft logo whilst the sub-heading allows viewers To recognise which part of the website they are viewing. ...read more.


The use of the graphic and merging of the two women gives it a more, overall user-friendly look. When clicked you are linked to the website stated in the purpose. Suitable as the icon clearly shows that it is the weather with the sun and the cloud on-top. One form of weather. The use of an envelope shows connate the sending of a message. The speech bubble emphasises speech is being spoken - i.e. Chat. Impact Well-picked, clearly fits purpose as the icons connate the title of what they represent Attractive, yet to purpose - duplicate women to emphasise 'sameness' in Gemini. Shows the most common weather (cloud sunny). Plain, no colour -> Professional looks. Size Good. All are about the same size. ~459*141 pixels; 10.9 KB Fits in well: Tight, medium-size. ~80*84 pixels; 8.4KB All icons are the same size, on the RHS, scroll down menu when cursor moves over one. 344*65 pixels; 5.37 KB Small - does not take up much space as they are probably the most frequently used features. 317*31 pixels; 2.48KB Pos. /neg. Pos.: Links user to other, subtle parts of the website. Neg.: Some users may not understand what is meant by them i.e. the germ. Pos.: Clear. Links user to original website. Neg.: Some people may prefer the original symbol. Pos.: Very clear what it stands for. Neg.: Does not link. Pos.: Fast to find (top left corner.) ...read more.


Impact Good impact. Big blue arrow is easy to see and to click on. Page numbers are clearly underline and the red, bold, un-linkable number allows readers to see what page they're on. Black outline shows that functions are working/can be used; whilst the 'faded' outline shows that the option is currently unavailable/cannot be used. Good Impact - the same company colours are used - the white '>' inside the green circle renders a nice contrast. Good impact. Crude pink fits in well with the black background and the rest of the text on the site. Looks funky and colloquial Size Good. User, if they want to, can scroll down and to see the nav. Bar. ~278*76 pixels; 62KB Bottom RHS corner of the topics it is controlling. Small but clear. 145*32 pixels; 1.65KB Medium - clearly visible to a user who wants to go forward but does not distract those who do not want to. 85*50 pixels; 1.19KB Big - giving it the user-friendly, hardly-serious look. 331*78 pixels; 3.42KB Pos./Neg. Pos.: Easily functional, understandable. Neg.: Only moves user to a maximum yield thus user has to persistently click on button rather than 'hold-click.' Pos.: To the point, professional - give a nice contrast to the white space. Neg.: Not obviously clear where it is located from first sight. Pos.: Easy to see, mixes in well with the Dettol overall theme. Neg.: There is only 'next' throughout all the topics; what if a person would like to go back? Pos.: Easy to find, clear, interactive, friendly. Neg.: Very simple design. ...read more.

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